Rock and roll dancing?

Hi everyone!

I've recently returned from living and studying abroad in Sydney for 4 years. I picked up rock n roll and rockabilly dancing in Sydney and would absolutely love to continue doing it in Singapore.

Does anyone here do rock n roll and/or rockabilly dancing? I'd love to meet up with you!

Hey Gwen, no rock n roll in Singapore I fear, but there is lindy hop. I'm also originally dancing rock but lindy is the most widespread swing dance around the globe, so you'll have to dig into it (but it's not that different from rock).
There are 2 groups in SG that are dancing on monday, wednesday and thursday nights.

Hi there!

I'm already doing lindy in Singapore! I am happy doing lindy, but rock n roll is what truly makes me happy.

Are you in Singapore? I've just found a place with rockabilly vibes that plays rock n roll. Keen to check the joint out and perhaps do some rock n roll dancing?

JItterbugs has lindy hop lessons. But not heard of rockabilly here. That sounds like quite an interesting scene. @Guillaume is it mostly a singaporean crowd or quite mixed?

I feel the same about Rock'n'Roll. You keen to meet and dance abit?

Would love to meet up and PAAARTAAY! How about this weekend?

Where you wanna go?

Hi there,
Well i am looking for some nice rock and roll music to shake a leg,
any idea or place you do know.
please do let me know

Hi Gwen, I am also looking for rock and roll dances, having picked it up over the last couple of years in Melbourne, but have not been able to find any in Singapore. We have not done rockabilly but plenty of ballroom dancing. No luck finding venues there either. So if you find anywhere we can dance either I am sure we would explore it.

Hi Lannyp,

This thread is quite old, not in active trajectory.

If you want to post your rock n roll dance and looking for venue to perform, then you may visit event forum in this site and post, which may draw interest among like mindset people.


I did not notice how old the original post was until later, I guess I am just not used to this type of communication. I'll pay more attention next time.

Looking for 2 friends to form a group of 4 to learn Intermediate of Rock&Roll / DiscoRock / Salsa Dance near Kembagan MRT (every Sat 5pm) or Simei MRT (every Sun 4pm). ***

Drop me a message here if you are interested in.


Hi all,

@ Emily, could you please drop an advert in the Singapore classifieds under dance classes ?

Interested members will contact you.

All the best,

I am a professional Rock n Roll Adjudicator, Dancer,Teacher and successful Competitor from Australia and would like to go  to some venues in Singapore that have Lindy and Rock N roll dancing while I am visiting in September. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to go to dance and exchange ideas? Do you know of any dance studios that would be interested in meeting with an international adjudicator in the sport ?

Im looking for one in Singapore!