Volleyball Teams in Singapore

Hi All,

I'm new in Singapore (arrived like 10 days ago) and my body is itching to play some good volley, either indoors or beach volley!

Does any of you know about the existance of teams in the city?
I'd love to join you - I promise I'm not that bad!

Thanks a lot,

Hello Domi.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)


Hi Domi! Did you find a team? I was thinking about playing this weekend

Hi Aurélie & fransanchezoria!

Thanks for the welcoming.

Actually I have not found a team yet, I just know about a bunch of people meeting over weekends at Sentosa to play some beach volley...would you want to go with me this weekend?
Or let's plan something nice :)

Hope to see you soon!


hey there!

I'm new to singapore and would love to play some 2on2 beachvolleyball. or even indoor volley, if nothing else possible :P

so if someone is keen to play some skilled beachvolleyball text me 84339732 :)

cheers alex

Hi just wondering if you got a reply on Volleyball.

I'm also looking for a regular game.


Hey guys,

I would be in too..Beach volleyball sounds like fun as well! :)  Let me know if there is anything coming up...

Have a nice day!


go on facebook and join the group Beach Volleyball Singapore

thanks. :)

Hi Domi! Hi everyone!

i belong to a women's volleyball team. We regularly play /train every saturday evening and one weeknight in NUS. We are also open to playing against guys and we occasionally play beach volleyball too. You are welcome to join us! You may reach me at (moderated) or send me a message here!

[Moderated: No free ad pls]

Looking to play beach or indoor vball.
Please direct me to where and when sessions are on.


Just wondering I you were able to meet with a club? Please share info?
Keen to play too, not bad as well.

Any volleyball s happening this weekend?


Does your womens volleyball team still meet up on saturday nights and train at NUS? Am I able to join in?


Sorry, I'm new to the city state. Looking for people with keen interest in the sport too.

Hi guys, I am new in this site. I am looking to play volleyball - if you know any sessions or regular meet ups pls let me know. Thanks!! :)


Hi, I've just arrived in S'pore.
I'm interested in playing volleyball too.
I'm not a student, so is it possible to play in NUS anyway?
Is there a men's team? I could also play with women !
Thank you


I think I may have found a group that plays every Saturday but they do not play in NUS. I learned about this yesterday and a friend of mine is the organizer - should get updates from her where the game would be. If you're interested, let me know. :)

Yes I'm interested.
Could you please let me know where and when the games take place?
Thank you

Hi there, this is Cally from Hong Kong. I live playing volleyball for fun and I would like to join some outdoor or indoor fun game if any. My facebook is [email protected]   Could you guys pls inbox me for any event if possible?^^ ths.



i'm gathering people interested in volleyball to build a new club.
intent is to train at least twice per week.
if interested let me know

Hi I'm interested to join the team.
Where will be the trainings?

as soon as we reach a good number we'll start. keep you in the loop.

ok Perfect. But where will it take place?

Dear Blackbeautyrome,

Hi! My name is Brigitte and I've been living in SG for a couple of years now. I saw your post about being in a volleyball team, and I was wondering if you guys accept new members? I'm just looking to have a chance to play.

Thanks a lot!


Hello Dancer02,

I'm also interested to join the team you found, I'd also like to play, just for fun nothing too serious :) Please could I find out more about this group?

Thanks so much!



Same here, would like to join the team for training.
Hope to hear some good news.

Hey! Johanne here. Do u hav any team for me to join to play volleyball indoor or beach.. Would love to know if u have.. Thanks!

Anyone who wants to play volleyball in the weekend?

Hi there!!! Is nus still having there volleyball every weekend? Wud love to join.

We have a grp playing at 21 Evans Road - this Saturday @ 4pm - 6pm. Please join us..

Any in sunday? :) or 6pm onwards weekend and weekdays. Kindly let me know. Thank you!

I'll check if the group can have something during weekdays or Sundays.. :) will let you know..

Hi all - looking for information on a volleyball league/team that is open for new members.

i have a group of 10 people ready to form a team and train.
i created a group on facebook to better keep in touch.
if you're interested send me your fb names with a private message and i'll add you in the group


I am interested in joining a girls or co-ed volleyball team with regular practices/games in recreational league format.

Any info would be great!



Are you still doing ur volleyball team?

Can u give me more info?



hi... im looking for guys who are interested on joining our team to compete on different leagues here in SG. If you are interested, pls sms me at my HP#81860834

looking for volleyball players men & women....... interested can send me a sms 97573482

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