From a Singaporean's point of view

Updated 2010-11-01 13:47

Hi guys! Of lately, I've been having this feeling of restlessness. Having lived in Singapore all my life, I feel like there's no where I haven't been too.

Thankfully for me working in the CBD area, I get to meet alot of tourists and expats and never a day goes by without someone asking me for directions or what is good to eat. I've always had an interest in cultures and languages and who doesn't enjoy meeting new people right? I mean just last week I had small talks with an expat who's been working here for 6 months, he asked me what my plans were for the weekends. And being a typical Singaporean I told him that I'd probably be catching up on my sleep and I must have bored him with some other details. And when it was his turn, boy I was appalled! I mean first of all where does he get all the energy from after a tiring week at work and secondly half the things he mentioned, I wouldn't have guessed that Singapore offered such.

I guessed it is true, I must have probably shut myself out from Singapore just like a typical rat racer. And to think this is only the beginning of work life. Somebody shoot me.

So I guess my point being, expats/tourists should make it a point to interact with locals. I think us locals need y'all to remind us again of what life really is all about. Of course there are those annoying ones who sometimes deserved a poke, then again just like everywhere else there are also the friendly ones like yours truly who wouldn't mind seeing Singapore from a tourists'/expat's point of view. :)

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