The topic is not new. But I would like to create new one as none of them covers my situation.

Myself -> 32 year working as lead blockchain engineer from 2018 in Singapore (holding EP)

Husband -> 33 working as network engineer from 2022 March in Singapore (he moved 2021 oct to singapore from australia with DP and then got EP when he got job)

son - 9months (born @kkh)

First PR application -> applied 2021 Nov (alone, baby was not born and husband wasnt here) rejected April 2022

Second PR application -> Oct 2022 (whole family applied)

The PR application is still pending (more than 6months) what are the chance of getting PR? I am working in niche field have alot of plan about future in singapore

@beppi, i am following you from 2018, it will be great if you could answer

Your first application, without the family, was certain to be rejected.

The current one, submitted right after your family arrived here, will almost certainly also fail.

Try again when your family was here for three years!

(And you forgot to mention the most important factor: Your race!)

@Ann1990 I see that you are of Indian origin, least your profile here says so. Do note, there are several Indians on EP who apply for PR every year- the approval process is a black box, but what we sure understand is that there are nationality quotas.

To be fair, don't mean to be pessimistic but going by the realities, Indians amongst other races have a low probability unless you are contributing to the SG economic growth in a very prominent way, creating job opportunities for locals, etc etc.

Again, nobody knows the exact approval criteria.

good luck.

@Shekhz yes. I am indian origin.

Length of stay -> here in singapore for 5 years. My family -> husband(1.7 years) and son(10months old now)

Hi all, looking to get your thoughts

Me: Indian, 34, working as business consultant. ~120k p.a. base. Been here since 2016. Did a masters postgrad in NTU and graduated in 2018. Completed tuition bond.

Wife: vietnam, 36, working as a business manager for a solar firm. Been here since 2013. Base ~120k p.a.

We have 1 daughter, 3 years old

Applied as family in Nov 2022 and rejected in Sep 2023

Circumstances have changed with newborn daughter in Sep 2023. And first daughter going local school. Plus I have received 20% increment (i did sent an email update to ICA during the Nov 2022 application)

Now wondering if I should wait for 2 years or is it ok to apply within 6 months given the updates? Appreciate the advise

@Aaron2023 I am surprized about your past rejection, as you seem to tick all the boxes, except race.

Good luck with your new application!

@beppi thanks. Can i pls ask your thoughts on reapplying after 2 yrs vs after 6 months, given the changes? Have you observed anything here? Thanks

@Aaron2023 You still dont understand the pr approval criteria. Being an indian by itself is a low chance for pr approval. Additional to that, you have married a vietnamese which means your chances of approval is even going to be lower. Vietnamese come under 'others' category, so even lower quota for them which is just <2% of pr applicants. Having a master degree from sg is not enough nowadays as there are many indian pr applicants with some of local degree here. If you ask me, it is better your wait for 2 more years to further improve and submit. Rest i leave it to you.

@IndFighter oh no, i do understand its difficult and chances are low, im not contesting that. Just needed opinion (not really from you, but its ok) on the 2 yrs vs 6 mths, and nothing else

@Aaron2023 its ok if you dont want an opinion from me, that is fine. But from my observation, the chances may be low for next few years. Anyway all the best and good luck

    @IndFighter oh no, i do understand its difficult and chances are low, im not contesting that. Just needed opinion (not really from you, but its ok) on the 2 yrs vs 6 mths, and nothing else


This is very unpleasant response. If someone tried to give his or her honest opinion you should accept it. Whatever he or she said is somehow correct.

Quota is a major factor because you along with other highly educated Indians (nearly 28 - 30% EP holders are Indians - highest education and skilled workforce) are trying to get PR under that quota 6-7% where Chinese have 74 - 76% quota and Malays around 13 - 15%.

In this case just switch your race, you will get PR very easily.  Secondly, Vietnamese or any other races (other than three major races) fall into Others category which is around 1.8 - 2%.

Now coming back to your query, yes you can apply after 6 months or after a year (no need to wait 2 years), but it is always good to show some changes in your application like salary increased or got promotion or changed your job or at social end try to do some activities or volunteer-ship or blood donation etc. These are additional values can help your chances to get PR.  Good luck

Malays here meaning Malaysian or include Indonesian?

Malay means those are Malaysian (Bhumiputra) from Malaysia.