S PASS Rejected without concrete reasons - 8 August 2022

Hi there,

Just a brief explanation and description on myself and my case:
  • Male in late 20s
  • Chinese Indonesian who lived in Australia for almost 10 years, recently decided to look for a new opportunity closer to home
  • Graduated with Bachelor and Masters degree from Australian universities
  • Have a 3.5 to almost 4 years work experience in Recruitment
  • Has never lived or applied for any work pass in Singapore
  • Eligible for S PASS according to SAT and base salary above $2500 per month
  • Recently got a response from MOM that I was not eligible for work pass, and the company is advised to look for another candidate
  • Company has contacted MOM, however, got no specific response and advised not to appeal
  • Got a call from the company to discuss, however, I has never lived in SG and has no prior bad or criminal records
  • Company told me that this is their first time receiving such rejection
  • However, they have discussed it internally and decided to still submit an appeal on my behalf
  • Sent an inquire to MOM, not sure if I ever get any response from them

Other additional info:
  • Still hold an extension of short term visit pass, which expiring on 15 August 2022
  • Still hold an Australian visa, expiring March 2023
Brief info about the company:
  • Well established local recruitment agency with 20+ years experience
  • Small medium sized, with 80-100 employees on LinkedIn
Please kindly advise me if you have idea or experience in this.

If I'm overqualified for this position or if they prefers local to fill this role, they should and could have inform my potential employers instead. I'm as flabbergasted as my potential employers.

MoM's wording indicates that there is a strong rejection reason connected to your person, e.g. a ban or "adverse record".
If you are sure that you never had any negative contact with Singapore before (like overstayed a visit visa, caught by the police for something, etc.) or criminal record elsewhere, then this might be an error or mix-up.
You should contact MoM to find out whether the negative entry is with them or another government agency (like ICA, IRAS, police force, courts, etc.) and then work with that agency to remove the record. Often phone or going there in person is a better way than sending emails.
There is no point in sending an appeal before this is done - it is sure to be rejected again!
Just share some of my experience. I am an Indonesian Chinese who got the same rejection several times when employers had tried to apply SPASS in 2013. I have never encountered any rejection since 2014 as long as the employers applied EP for me. Your future employer needs to apply EP for you. Go and do self assessment tool and figure out how much is the minimum salary that you need in order for you to be eligible for EP.

That is great news for me tbh, I am an Indo Chinese as well, rejected twice for SPASS in the last 1.5 years even with a salary of around 4K. I think that the main reason of rejection is due to my lack of working experience (graduated from my BSc in July 2021 from a non SG uni) and salary to qualify for an EP. All MOM has to say regarding the rejection reason is the typical "not eligible".

Will definitely try again once I am qualified for EP, thanks for this valuable input!
I'm in a similar situation where employer said that MOM rejected with no clear reason. Although I'm a fresh grad from a local SG uni holding tuition grant from MOE plus my SAT is also qualified, it's still rejected and no specific reason given. Many of my peers got EP approved as their backgrounds are similar to mine, so it's a bit weird that mine got rejected.
My employer is a small start-up (less than 10 employee). I was wondering if it's because the company is small, that's why MOM wants it to find local candidate instead..
There are many potential rejection reasons, some connected to the company, some to you and then others as well. But your employer can contact MoM toask what it is in your case.
But on the plus side: If you are not allowed to work here, for reasons you have no control over, then your tuition bond is void and you are free to work elsewhere!
@beppi thank you for your reply. As I mentioned, I have lived in Australia for the past 10 years, and I have never visited SG during that period until recently for job hunting. During that period, I did apply for an extension for my visitor pass and it got approved, which allows me to extend my stay for another 30 days. I returned to my home country 7-10 days before the extension expired so there are no cases of overstay. Currently, my application is still ongoing and under appeal since 10+ days ago, and still no update for now.

My potential employer is as confused as I am as they have asked MOM, but didn't get any clear answers from them.
@hermanto1988 Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did think about this route, yet the threshold for EP is much higher than my current salary. Therefore, it is pretty much impossible to apply for EP. My role is not a technical role, so I'm not sure if it will create further issues by applying for an EP.

However, thank you for sharing your experience. Appreciate it!

@Stevenf444 i am in the same situation as you, the worst case is the company said MOM does not provide reason(s) for work pass rejection. Just wondering how does the appeal show on MOM portal? does it show as pending ?

@jleremy6 Please read related forum discussions - it is all described in detail there (and we, the forum regulars, don't like to post the same over and over again)!

@jleremy6 Not sure about the status as I don't have an access to it.

@Stevenf444 So how is your work pass appeal?

@orbittelkom837 Hi, still appealing and pending at the moment.

How to return my old work pass at MOM?go to the MOM or by postage?if really to go,wht a real address MOM?

@Stevenf444 Hi Steven, would you mind if I asked how long it has been pending ?

@jleremy6 Hi, my employer submitted an appeal around mid-August, and they informed me on the 22nd of September that it is still pending. So around 6 to 8 weeks, and I'm not sure if I should keep waiting or restart my job search. Any advise?

@Stevenf444 i think you should wait till the result is out as u have been waiting for a few weeks already. Do inform us the final outcome and best of luck to u.

Hi, i am also Indonesian applying both EP and Spass at the same application.

It has been on pending state since 4 oct 2022

@orbittelkom837 Hi, yes and when my application is still in process, I can't cancel it. So I can only wait for the outcome, whether rejected or accepted. Also, even if I found another employment, they won't be able to apply for a work pass on my behalf as my application (from my previous employment) is still in process.

@ncob Hi, hopefully, it will be granted soon. Mine has been pending for 2 months ):

@Stevenf444 The employer can cancel the application at any time - and must do so without delay if you resign from the employment contract.

@Stevenf444 Hi Steven, would you mind if I asked about the current status of your  s pass appeal?

check with the company HR

Dear All,

Glad I found this forum !

I am Indo Chinese as well,  my profile as below :

- Live in Malaysia for 10 years,as a student 3 years , working experience 7 years (hospitality industry)

- Degree Holder

- Singapore employer submit on 24/11/22 till today 22/12/22 still pending status.

- Currently still serving my notice in Malaysia's company.

Hopefully it will be good outcome. Good luck all.

Singapore finds it difficult to extend stay , why?

I just returned from Singapore to my country, though didn't overstayed , can I reapply immediately because I still have some peding matters in Singapore.

I need adv

@surianitan from your name it suggest that you are female right? The chance will be higher to get work pass if female..

can I reapply immediately

Re-apply for what?

Orbittelkom , yes i am female.

My S pass was rejected in year 2011 that was the time I was still fresh graduate...

This  will be my second time trying it after 10 years.

@surianitan hi, how is ur spass? Please let us know the outcome.. thanks.

Hi Orbittelkom ,

My S pass just approved today ! finally this is a happy day for me...

Have been waiting for this for 1 month I can Say.

A bit summary of my experience:

- 1st interview on 15 Aug 2022

- 2nd interview on 15 Sep 2022

- Received contract of Employment on 22 Oct 2022 & getting all relevant document such as marriage certificate, highest certificate and so on.

- Employer submitted application on 24 Nov 2022 compile with other candidates.

- Pending status since 13 Dec 2022 till today 29 Dec 2022 finally approved.

- Such a relief !! Like a new year gift

I wish everyone here good luck & be very patient because the whole process take up to 3 months for a big organization.

@surianitan hi Surianitan. Thanks for your updates and so happy for your s pass approval. If you dont mind, may i know how much is your monthly salary in order to get s pass?

Anywahy Happy New Year 2023..

Orbittelkom, it was originally $3.8 then adjusted to $4.5 by the employer in order to get it approved.

@surianitan thanks for your reply. I think so in order to get approved u need to earn at least sgd4.5k. Anyway thanks and really appreciate it.

Hi guys,

I just want to share my S-Pass just got rejected today lol.

It's still pending yesterday but as of today the status is invalid and the explanation is just

“Your application has not been approved.

Please talk to your employer or agent.”

I am not pretty sure when the employer submit my application, but I assume it's between 12-13 Jan, so it's been two weeks pending before it gets rejected.

Actually my offered salary is 7k, so I am quite confused why it's categorised as S-Pass not EP. Any clue guys?

Anyway, I'll ask the employer if they will appeal or not. Wish me luck!

Actually my offered salary is 7k, so I am quite confused why it's categorised as S-Pass not EP. Any clue guys?
-@me rs1015

Either the employer specifically applied for an S-Pass, or your individual EP threshold is above S$7k/month - check the SAT tool!

@Stevenf444 maybe you have criminal record in australia