EP Approval Time May/June 2022

Meaaat: Applying for a work pass (and filling the associated forms) is the employer's job. (They can engage an agent for that.) Since it requires process knowledge and information about the employer itself, you probably couldnot fill it correctly or concisively - and that might have been the reason for your rejection.
You should look for another employer with a better HR department!
EP applied 18 July
Status pending
No supporting document required yet so far

Wish everyone luck!

EP applied 3/8/2022

EP approved 5/8/2022
Industries: Finance
Location: Malaysia

1st job in Singapore. Hope everyone received your EP as soon as possible.
Hi Guys,
just an update since everyone interested to know the timeline.
EP applied on 1st August and approved 20 August.
Total time 14 working days.
Changing company previously also was in EP
Field IT:
Previous salary:7k
New salary: 9.5k
Hi Guys,

Finally my work pass have been approved. But I have been provided with S-Pass.
Applied on 12th May 2022
Approved on 18th August 2022
More than 3 months

Also I need to undergo medical tests once I reach Singapore, as per the S-Pass.

Can anyone brief about what are the tests would be conducted for S-Pass?
I May be travelling on the second week of September to Singapore, so that I can be prepared if any special tests are there.

Thank you all.

Hi Guys..

Just to clarify things, is it possible to get an Employment pass after coming in to Singapore with S-Pass and working with a company for few years.

Is that possible to get an employment pass while changing to any other company???

GShankar: It is possible to upgrade to EP either at a renewal or when changing job. But why would you want that?

EP applied on 19 August 2022.

Status pending.
No supporting document required yet so far.

YoE: 10 years
Location: Thailand

Wish everyone best of luck!
Update from previous post.

EP applied on 19 August 2022.

Status pending.
No supporting document required yet so far.

YoE: 10 years
Location: Thailand
Approved: 25 August 2022
Hi Guys,

EP Applied on 5 August 2022

Status changed into We need input from other agencies on 23 Aug 2022

EP Approved on 26 Aug 2022

YoE: 6.5 years
Location: Indonesia
new salary: $11.000
salary hike: 80%
First EP: Yes

It isn't salary hike, you are moving from a country whose currency is not as strong as Singapore, the move with the cost of living etc justifies a 2-3x or even higher bump.

When you move jobs in SG, talk about hikes and increments then in the proportion you have outlined here.