Not able to Submit additional Documents while applying for PR


Im applying for PR for the first time. After completing the form and uploading the mentioned documents, there was no field to upload additional documents such as Recommendation letters and certificates. And now its giving a page for payment directly. Possible options I can think of:

  1. Let the form expire and start a new one with more caution.
  2. Mail the ICA after completing the payment

If you have any other suggestions please let me know

What should I do?

You could contact ICA and ask.

(You sent me a PM asking formy answer, but my own exerience with this is 25 years ago - there were on online forms then, everything by post!)


You have to wait for the application to expire/ truncate and start a fresh one should you choose to upload any additional documents in support of your PR application- if, you have already gotten to the payment page.

the section where you can upload these documents is when you are asked for employer testimonials.

Advice (you may disregard it) - upload what you feel is really critical, will help u secure the PR and strengthens your application. Don't upload anything and everything kinds, it just leads to delays and unwanted paperwork for ICA to review without any credibility to your application/ candidacy.

@Shekhz How long will it take the application to expire once it's already in the payment page?

@Akshay2023 I'm facing the same issue. May I know how you got this resolved?


It gets purged, in a week.