I am working in Finance industry since 2009 (around 14 years) in Singapore on Employment pass with my wife and six year old son.

I have applied PR in August 2022 and it is still pending. In last 14 years I have applied multiple time like 7-8 times but result always comes in 6-7 month as rejection.

Age: 35 years

Race: Indian

Salary: around 110K annually

Wife: working salary is around 40k yearly

Wife Age: 32 years, staying in Singapore since 2015 ( 8 years), staying on dependent pass.

Son: six year old going in K2 kindergarten, he born in Singapore and staying here on dependent pass.

I am chartered accountant from India and Singapore as well. My wife also holding bachelor degree in commence.

Just would like to know what is the chances of getting PR.

If you apply alone (without wife and son), your chances are very low.

Together with the family, your only disadvantage is your race.

beppi thanks alot for your comment. I have applied with my wife and son in August 2022, status is still pending.

Pending for such a long period means ICA is still considering your family. Agreed with Beppi, the only disadvantage is your race but in your race also depending on your community (e.g. People from Tamil origin are preferred compare to other people from Indian subcontinent).

Here it runs through the quota where system keeps three major races Chinese, Malay and Tamil in similar ratio and keeping our society in balance. Good luck

Thanks for your input.

@AADVIK, please update once you received some response from ICA. I have similar profile.

Myself -> blockchain lead, here in singapore from 2018 (EP)

husband -> network engineer (EP) (working here from 2022 March)

Son - 9months (born in singapore)

I applied alone 2021 Nov, got rejected. Now applied as family.. still waiting

OK sure will update.

@Ann1990 Don't think it will get approved.

@AADVIK From your case, it seems your PR would not get approved.

what is the rationale behind? Appreciate if u can elaborate bit.

@AADVIK PR is usually given priority to those who marry Singaporeans. If you and your family come here, you will form your own clique or clan.  Singaporeans will not benefit much from your arrivals.

This happened to the Head of IT Support from my previous company. I think he applied for his whole family here.

The other Indian from my previous company ( i believed he is Tamil ), he got his PR.  I believe he was in his 20's, very young. Age is also a criteria MOM looks into, because he has a big probable chance to marry a local Singaporean later.

Regardless of races (chinese, indian, malay, others(whites, europeans etc), each has chances to get PR. It may be high depending on situations.  Another way to get PR is through the investment route (minimum $2.5 million SGD). Marriage is one of the most common reasons to be granted PR.

Now that I have answered your question, please help to introduce me to your people's network. :)  I am Malaysian and work in IT. Namaste!

@beppi Greetings to you Sir please hope you doing well. Please if I may ask why applying sometimes for PR a race is disadvantage just as siting this man's case. Despite Singapore is noted of being multinationals and multicultural country please.

Thank you

Yes race does matter, I have already responded few days back.

There are 3 major races and they have percentage base quota system. I can't tell in details as it's a public forum and these points are not suppose to discuss openly.


Thanks a lot for your input

Hi. Anyone has any idea the progress of the pr application step by step? Once able to submit declaration for cpf then wait ?

@Pavvalo simple. follow Also, read blog so that you know more things

@aadvik Any update on your PR application so far?

No update yet.

@Ann1990 Any update on your application?

@win2007 no update so far.. it is frustrating.... earlier, atleast rejection used to come by 4-5 months so that we dont need to wait for so long.... If anyone gets, please update us.. waiting is so painful!

Hi All,

Seems I am also having similar situation like @ann1990 and @AADVIK .

I also applied My PR application in Aug 2022 and still its in pending state.

My Profile is as follows ,-

  1. I and my family staying here in SG from past 8yrs.
  2. I am working on EP in Singapore's best Telecom company as Tech Lead (5G Network) - 170k SGD Annually
  3. Daughter Studying  P6 Singapore Local Primary School.
  4. Son is in K2
  5. This is my second time applying PR. First time got rejected 2 years back after waiting 9 months.

This time also its more than 9 months now and still waiting.

Guys Please update on your application status.

@blueswap You did not mention your race (being non-Chinese is a minus here!) and whether you applied together with your whole family or alone- in the latter case your chances are Zero.

Hi @beppi , I am Indian . Is that the reason of chances zero ?

Non-Chinese is a natural disadvantage given racial quotas.

My application took 9 months... got it in my first try. Proving integration is the most important thing.

Essential docs to include:

Cover letter - my background, why Singapore and how I can contribute and integrate to society

2 letters of recommendation from Singapore citizens - how we know each other, why I'll be good for the country

Resume - my professional qualifications and academic background

hello,  @AADVIK @blueswap, got any update on your PR application? i am still waiting

@fromhktosg hello - but how did you include extra documents like reference letters? I couldn't find any place to upload them in the online application.

You can do by uploading extra documents under loading certificates.

@Ann1990 no update yet. Still pending.

@AADVIK ok... so bad that we are still waiting


Our PR is still pending since last 13 months. We are going to have addition in our family. 2nd Baby is coming Jan 2024.

Do you think we can email and inform ICA. Will it has any positive impact on PR?

@AADVIK Having an additional child is definitely a Plus for your PR application - if you also apply PR for him/her. So contact ICA after birth and do that!


Thanks, will do that.

Hello All,

May I know your suggestion on our chance of PR approval based on our profile below:

Age: 39 years

Race: Myanmar

Salary: around 86K

Occupation: Regional Support Manager

Visa: EP

Duration in Singapore: Since 2010

Education: Master degree from NTU


Age: 32

Race: Myanmar

Occupation: Project Engineer

Salary: 54K (annual basic)

Visa: Spass

Duration in Singapore: since 2017


Age : around 1.5 years (born in Singapore)

Visa: DP

Applied PR in 2020 (together with husband) : got rejected after 8.5 months during Covid period.

I want to try again as I now got a baby.

Thank you.

Apart from your race category ("Others"), I see no negative points in your profile. Good luck!

@beppi Thank you. We will try again. Wish us good luck! :)

@AADVIK any updates yet?


My PR is still pending since last 15 months. In my PR application I was the main application and my wife is on dependent pass.

Recently my wife got employment pass approved . Do you think we need to inform MOM, point to note that I was main applicant.

@AADVIK Even though the information shoulf flow automatically, I would separately inform ICA about any change that could strengthen my application.


Same here,pending for 15 mos now.


Thanks well noted will do.