s pass appeal

any recent spass appeal approved in  2022
my application date 30/12/2021
rejected 02/01/2022 due to some mistake in application
appeal date 6/1/2022
hr said tried to contact the officer incharge to move up but no reply

It takes a few weeks, for appeals usually within 4 weeks you should get an outcome. Be patient and do spend some time on this forum to review latest threads on approvals.

hi shekhz. my spass approved today . so happy


hi shekhz. my spass approved today . so happy

Awesome, congratulations!

S pass appeal how long will take process, s pass appeal status how to check

Piraneet: It takes between two weeks and two months in most cases. For the status, ask your employer.

Normally what is the reason for s pass rejection ? Because I m  first time apply sir.

Piraneethkumar wrote:

Normally what is the reason for s pass rejection ? Because I m  first time apply sir.

Several reasons, for E Pass or S Pass-
1. Quotas
2. Salary
3. Company's repute and ability to pay salaries
4. Job postings per fair hiring practices
5. You, your candidature, relevant exposure versus what's not available in SG talent pool
6. Educational background


Normally appeal how long will take process

Piraneethkumar wrote:

Normally appeal how long will take process

2-4-6-8 weeks, depending on how good/ bad the objections are.

S pass Appeal successful rating how many percentage sir?

Piraneethkumar wrote:

S pass Appeal successful rating how many percentage sir?

Please read related existing discussions on the forum before posting questions that have already been answered. Thanks!

Hi My S pass appeal is on 30/09/2022 may I know how long will get the result. Thanks

@vijayqunhan For me it took exactly 4 weeks.

@polarvortex  OK thanks.

My pass expired 20 oct 22 as my spass application got rejected because of the quota. HR appealed but Up until now still waiting for MOM approval. Im still here in singapore with no documents to support my stay. My pass never cancelled as the company still hoping to grant their appeal. Im a nurse BTW.

ive been nagging my HR to provide me documents to legally stay while waiting for approval coz i dont want any problem in future.

should i fly home first while waiting for approval?

any docs i need to have with me in this kind of scenario?

appreciate your kind advise..

@54321yan You are currently overstaying illegally. Two weeks illegal stay is NOT a minor matter - and will have consequences!

(Hopefully, you did NOT WORK during that time, as this would make things worse.)

Every single day in this situation makes things worse, so you should IMMEDIATELY contact MoM - if possible TOGETHER WITH YOUR EMPLOYER - plead guilty and claim that this was a misunderstanding. It would be best if the employer takes responsibility for telling you that you could stay on without valid visa. If the officers believe you and are lenient (which is by no means sure), you will get away with paying a hefty fine and your work pass application is left unaffected. But if they don't, you can be deported and banned from working in Singapore for years or indefinitely.

Good luck!

Thanks beppi for the info.

my employer advised me to stay until my appeal get an outcome. I have my proof email to present inccase this may happen.

i've been worrying this things from the beginning.. they told me it has been requested an extension to MOM and awaiting reply that might take 7 days.

im willing to fly back home but they insisted. I get more anciety as days passing by..

@54321yan As an illegal overstayer, if you just leave the country you will be banned.

Instead you should first clarify the issue with MoM. The letter you have from the employer is very good - it shows you just followed the company's advice. You should claim you trusted them and didn't know that it is considered illegal overstaying. Contact MoM immediately (do not wait!) and do what they say!

(And, most of all, do not work - best don't even show upon the company' premises. Illegal work would be the worst!)

as i've heard, once expired/cancelled you still hv 30 days to stay as a tourist.

Anyway, I will contact MOM tom to clarify this thing..

first time happen to me in my decade working here. thank you for your time replying..

I just received my STVP fr HR but stil awaiting pass approval haist


how is your appeal status??

@Thaesusuaye hello, i just checked today my status and its now valid.. reappeal 2x and i was about to give up.. i was too stress at home waiting for miracle luckily now is approved.


congratulations dear🤩

I am also now situation with you.. btw I am dental nurse …bcoz of not quota ,rejected…Now my boss apply appeal for me..May I know the timeline about your appeal?

@Thaesusuaye my case is kinda complicated i guess.. they come up with the idea to transfer me to subsiadary company.. thus, ill not be working with the same branch/location anymore..

if really no quota, no chance for approval..even how essential ur profession is.. in my experience.

good thing, the place i will be assign now is the place i've been dreaming to be in..

i prepared myself to a worse case may happen, hence, i applied to every hospital.. 3-5 days after i got an appt for an interview.. but bcoz i ald have my approval i have to cancel it all..

i'm not sure about the timeline.. coz i just liasing w my HR ..but over all waiting time is like 4wks with 2x appeal.. appeal waiting time is every 2wks for the outcome.. but hR saif they kept emailing MOM for an update.. not sure

Thank you so much for all your info ☺️

my colleague is 62 years old Malaysian with S pass.  His pass is expiring 1st week of March 2023.  Our HR says the online application for renewal does not go through.

What could be the reason?  Age??

Also advise on the channel to appeal for his S Pass renewal.  Thanks in advance.

Diamond, Singapore.

Years ago, I heard that no workpasses are issued above 55 years of age. I don't know if that is still true, but age can definitely be the reason. The employer should contact MoM to find out!

how long my appealed s pass application confirmation


Your S Pass Appeal already approved right ? Then what is the problem ? please cross check your submitted documents against the correct one and re-submit if there was any mis-match.

thank you.

@Thaesusuaye hi how is your spass ?

want to ask, is it okay for us to regularly check the MOM website for the progress? or better avoid to many check attempt? thanks

@bima kepo Frequent checking of EPOnline does no harm - but also does not help.

@beppi I would like to ask why it does not help to check it every now and then ? Does MOM can track it that you keep on checking it ?

@jaimiealarcon I don't think they track your database access. Why would they?

Hi, recently my spass got rejected but my boss didnt show the rejection reason anyway he appealed on 16th march 2023, almost 2 weeks so how long its takes. Moreover when i checked in status its showing invalid (your pass had not been approved). So it is showing the previous rejected one or appeal one. As of my understanding we cannot check the appeal status. Plz answer

@Ezaan In the newsystem, you can see the appeal status. Thus "invalid" means either the appeal has not been submitted yet, or it is already rejected. Ask your employer!

Hi, my husband's employer applied for Spass and its gets rejected. On 22 March 2023 they have made appeal against the application with relevant documents based on the queries. But still we don't find any response from MOM. How long it will take  to get response? Our pass status showing Pending

@keerthanak34 I recommend you spend some time reading related forum threads before asking a question, which has already been answered, again. The processing time needed for work passes is one of the most-discussed topic on this foum!

@keerthanak34 Hi do you have any updates if spass is approved already?