Rejection of Visit Pass Extension

Hi everyone,

So I just completed my studies at SIM and upon cancellation of my student pass I obtained a short term visit pass which would expire 19 Oct. I submitted an application for extension on 12 Oct and the next day I received an email saying:

Your application for extension of Visit Pass is unsuccessful. You may want to submit a fresh application with the correct information on your:

         a) D/E number;

         b) Name (ONLY Surname and Given Name as shown in Travel Document);

         c) Date of Birth;

         d) Travel Document Number; and

         d) Nationality

I submitted another application and it was also unsuccessful, with the same email message. I am SURE that I have entered everything correctly to the best of my knowledge. Is the reason for the rejection really due to incorrect info that I entered or something else? I have also secured a job offer in SG and my S Pass application is pending, does it have anything to do with my visit pass extension?

Thank you.

The message doesn't say that your application was rejected due to wrong data given.

I think it is because a post-student-pass STVP cannot be extended.

Therefore, I recommend you leave Singapore before it expires, and wait for your work pass approval in your home country (or elsewhere).

@beppi Thank you for replying. But some of my friends said they were able to extend their STVP that they got from Student Pass cancellation, so I think it should be extendable. I have called ICA customer service and the staff suggested I sent them an email and try to walk in to ICA building to ask them to verify...

In the additional remarks, I did write that I needed a few days to obtain some letters for the S Pass application, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have written that... :(

The email stated "you may want to submit a fresh application" but does this mean that there is a chance to get extension or is it a default response they give to everyone? Will it say a different thing if I totally have no chance of getting the extension?

@kj2001 bring yours s pass application status printout to Ica and apply for extension manually

Went to ICA, officer said for some reason in their system it is listed with my old passport number...  Said they would help me and asked me to keep applying online until 19 Oct.

Today got an email saying to report to ICA with a local sponsor with my documents to submit. But I dont really know anyone close to be a local sponsor. Do you think they will just turn me away if I show up alone?

@kj2001 The message means you will only get an STVP extension if a local person sponsors you.

If you show up alone, you are likely to be given just a few days extension - enough to book a flight home and pack your things.

@beppi I see. Will go to ICA tomorrow, praying for a satisfactory solution. My greatest worry though is if this will affect my future trips to Singapore and my SPass application. Hopefully it will be fine as long as I don't overstay

@kj2001 This will not affect your work pass application or future visits on STVP (unless you overstay).

To anyone in the future facing similar situation as me... ICA officer told me that if you have a pending work pass application, your short-term visit pass will not be extended. They want you to leave the country. My friends were not in the process of applying for any passes so they were able to get the extension.

In the end I didnt get the extension so I will be leaving sg soon. My home country is still part of asean so it's not a hassle to plan the trip, but if you are from far away you better plan in advance 👍🏻

Hello, my parents applied for an extension first time and got rejected. May I know if you did visit ICA after getting rejected? Or did you just applied again online?

@carennatalpalcon Yep I did visit ICA and the first time apparently there was an inconsistency in their system and the officer told me to keep trying to reapply online. After I reapplied the status came in "must report to ICA" or something like that, so in total I visited ICA 2 times.

Anyway in the end I didn't get the extension, as in my case my visit pass was obtained upon cancellation of my student pass and I had a pending S Pass application at that time. They just won't extend it if you have a pending work pass application. If you already got IPA and just waiting for health checkups and whatnot then maybe they will extend but if it's still pending then they won't extend

@kj2001 did you manage to get your spass approved? My friend has the same case, got spass application pending status. When she applied for extension of stay for the firat time, it was rejected, re applied again and still unsuccessful and same replies as what you received (if circumstances change and you have local sponsor etc.). The day after, my friends spass rejected also. Do you think ica can influence spass application processing to be rejected of you are in singapore requesting for extension?


Sorry to hear that, best of luck to your friend!

I didnt manage to get an extension and had to fly back home, but my SPass got approved after exactly 3 weeks. So I dont think applying for visit pass extension affects your SPass application outcome unless you overstay or have had some other issues with immigration...

@kj2001 I opined the same thing too. Thank you for sharing your opinion and thanks for the well wishes. :)