Rejection of Singapore PR after pending for 18 months

The ask is entirely to bring down my curiosity about my application outcome, which has been pending for the last 18 months (Applied in May 2021). There were a couple of queries from ICA once about my latest salary statements in Jan 2022 and In May 2022 about my family details (employment details submitted).

Does anyone's application been rejected after pending for 18 months with ICA queries?

I know the two profiles are not identical in the ICA view, and outcomes will vary. However, out of curiosity asking this.

Profile Details:

Myself 37 years old and from India, staying and working in Singapore for 10+ years and working for Global Bank with a 170k+ Annual salary with a Bonus. and my wife is 30 Years old, staying in Singapore for 10+ years, and she is not working. We were married for 10 years.

We have 3 years old baby boy who was born in India and currently going to play school in SG.

We have 3 years old baby boy who was born in India and currently going to play school in SG.

This might be the reason: You lack commitment towards Singapore (in the eyes of ICA). Why did you go back to India to give birth?


I submitted the application in June 2021 and got rejected in November 2022.

Me and my husband are working in SG for 5 years in R&D and IT. We are in early 30s and graduated with a Phd in STEM from Japan. Our annual income is 220k++. Still can't figure out the reason of rejection.

Hi RR 37,

I have similar profile like yours (Indian, With family in SG since last 12 yrs, 13 yrs old Son, Working in Global bank). I got my 8th time rejection after waiting for 17 months. I applied on July 2021 and got outcome (rejection) on Dec 2022.

@tejaschitaliya May I ask whether you speak Hindi or Tamil?

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@idkw May I know what is your nationality?

@RR37 May i know before rejection did they ask you to submit any additional documents?

Most of the time quota plays the card here. You can refer my previous comments in similar thread in past. I did provide some additional information. This is a sensitive topic and can't discuss in an open forum.

But yes, social integration is a major criteria when someone offered the PR, but your selection still base in that quota system.