Suggestions for PR application 2023

Hi everyone,

Please help me to improve my chances for PR. Thank you for your time.

Name: Krishna

Age: 32

Birthplace: India

Occupation: Scientist

Company: A-Star

Salary: 100K per annum

In Singapore: From June 2018 to May 2021 (lost job due to covid-19), then left for Japan for one year and joined A-Star in June 2022. (Totally three and half years)

Applied: I applied for PR (2019) when I was single, and it was rejected after eight months.

My wife is a Data Analyst in India, currently, she is taking care of my son, who is six months old (Born in India). I plan to bring them here next year (June 2023).

As I heard from a few of my colleagues, the chances of getting PRs in A Star employees are somehow considerable, is it true?

How to convince the ICA that my son will serve the SG nation, I mean, are there any columns while filling out the forms? (I didn't see any before the application since I clicked single)

Do I need to have a stable bank balance here?

Please suggest me some tips for this coming year, once my family comes, I will apply for PR. Before that, I will do voluntary and community service for the next 6 months.

Any sort of information will help me to understand the application process.

Thanks in advance.



Apply a year after your family (wife and son) join you here in Singapore, and together with them. Then you have better chances.

By becoming 2nd generation PR, your son will automatically be liable for National Service - no need to indicate anything in the forms. (Note: This is a serious, long-term committment - if he leaves Singapore and loses his PR before serving NS, he might never again be allowed to live or work here. So, if there is any chance you will move away from Singapore in the next 15 years or so, better not apply for PR!)

@beppi Thank you for your suggestions and I will plan accordingly for the next year.

I believe we won't move anywhere since my job in SG is almost stable.



@Dasari Krishna  is 100k base salary? or includes 13 month bonus and performance bonus?

Hey guys, was wondering what are my chances for PR in 2023 like? My profile and background are below -

Nationality: Sri Lankan

Age: 32

Race: Sri Lankan (Moor)

Gender: Male

Length of Stay in Singapore : 10 years and 4 months

Education: Bachelors of Electronics and Communications Engineering (Hons, UK)

Pass: EP

Occupation: Software Consultant

Salary: Basic 84K + Bonus

Work experience: 9 years and 4 months in previous job. 1 Year in new job. Both in Singapore

Marital status: Married

Children: 1 son, 2+ years old, born in SG and currently studying in N1 level, DP holder.

Spouse: Sri Lankan with Bachelor's in general psychology (USA), been married for 7 years. DP holder. Previously, worked as Special education teacher in Sg for 2 years (Jan 2018 - Feb 2020). Left due to pregnancy amidst covid19 as we felt it was risky to go out.

Previous Application (all made by myself):

2014(single, rejected in 6 months),

2016(single, rejected in 6months),

2018(with spouse, after 20 months in Jul 2020 ICA requested for family detailed history, latest payslips and employment letter. Rejected one month later after supplying these. My wife was due, and she had left her job at this time, so it might have played a part)

I'm planning to apply as family (with spouse and son) this time.

2023 changes (compared with 2018) - new job with higher salary and applying with son, attaching a testimonial from my new employer, wife still not working

@hjmrox The only negative point (from ICA's viewpoint - I know this isn't fair) is your race not being Chinese.

So I think your chances are good.

Thanks @beppi !

Hi, I am also wondering my chances to get PR in 2023.

Nationality: European

Age: 35

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Length of Stay in Singapore : 10 years+

Education: Master of Electronics and Embedded systems

Pass: EP

Occupation: Semiconductors Business development manager

Salary: Basic 200K + Bonus

Work experience: 10 years in Singapore + 3 Years in Mainland China

Marital status: Common law (Chinese spouse)

Children: 1 daughter born in SG < 2yrs old with Chinese Race

Languages spoken: French, English, Chinese


Any idea if I applied for PR. But still pending. What if I need to move out from my current rental. I need change the

@Pavvalo Just inform ICA of the new address.

Hey guys, was wondering what are my chances for PR in 2023 like? My profile and background are below -

Nationality: Indonesian

Age: 21 soon

Race: Indonesian

Gender: Female

Length of Stay in Singapore :  5 years

Education: Local diploma in Singapore & GCE O level

Pass: Student Pass changing to LTVP to pay Tuition Grant Bond

Occupation: Events Executive on Contract

Work experience: few months just a fresh grad

Additional Remarks: A student with many leadership points in school, volunteer as well. Father is a PR earning 5k a month as a Chef. My Teacher in School who has a good position in MOE has written a letter of support for me to attach in my PR application. Is there anything else i can attach to my PR application that would help?

Anyone can help me see?

Your chances will be better with three years of work experience, so I recommend to wait. (Why hurry?)

@beppi Thanks for the suggestion. it's easier to get accepted here as a PR/Singaporean for a job and so in the mean time i would have to depend on work pass/ E pass/ etc. Also i want to continue my uni in a private degree which most student pass holders of private institution wont be allowed to work based on MOM student pass working exemption rule.

@beppi Also planning to ballot BTO with my partner since we are turning 21 soon :) try our luck~

@Donutdonut These are understandable and valid reasons from your point of view. But they do NOT MATTER AT ALL in ICA's assessment of your PR application - they ONLY look at how much you could contribute to Singapore (society and economy). And there people with work experience are obviously much better.

Since you mentioned partner: Your chances would also be MUCH higher if you are married and of child bearing age!


I am wondering what would my approval chance if I apply for a PR. Here is my profile

Has been staying in SG since Nov 2018 (4 years, 4 months)

Annual salary: 88k + bonus

Pass: S Pass.

Education: Bachelor Degree of Computer Science from Indonesia University

Occupation: SAP Consultant (IT consultant)

Nationality: Indonesian

Race: Chinese

Marital status: Single

Age: 36 this year

I also wonder should I wait for May, because I would get a bit (a few percent, not sure yet) of salary increase and would be reflected in my April payslip..

Thank you.

@thesti2 Yor chances are o.k., but not a sure approval. They will certainly look at how your job benefits Singapore economically, how you integrated into the society (Any volunteering done?) and whether you are likely to stay here long-term. So you could increase your chances by marrying a Singaporean.

@beppi inform ICA via email for the new address? Or

Hi all, I would like to try applying for PR by the end of the year (and would like to rate my chances). Below is my background.

Nationality: Myanmar (Race: Burmese)

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Current Pass: Employment Pass (serving 3 years TG bond)

Annual Salary: ~55,000SGD

Occupation: Management Consultant

Martial Status: Single

Duration in Singapore: Since 2009 (Studied Primary School all the way to University in Singapore)

Education Background: Bachelor's degree in NUS (Finished O levels, A levels and PSLE in SG)

Work experience: ~1 year by December (fresh grad and started work in Jan 2023)

Languages: English, Mandarin

Previous application: I tried applying after my A levels but got a rejection pretty fast within 2 months, so I was wondering if I should apply again after I have worked for some time.

Volunteering: Actively volunteers through school CCAs

Thank you!

@canvasetzy Wait until you have been working here for three years! (In the meantime: volunteer!)

@beppi thanks for your reply! will try applying after 3 years


I'm also start preparing my PR application recently, would like to know how does my chances look like? Here's my background:

Nationality: Taiwan

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Work Pass: Employment Pass

Occupation: Software Engineering Manager

Martial Status: Single

Education: MS in Computer Science and Information Engineering

Annual Salary: ~ 160,000 SGD

Duration in Singapore: 1.5 years

Work Experience: > 10 years in Taiwan, 1.5 years in Singapore

Languages spoken: English, Chinese

Thank you!

@fingerstyle I think you will have no problems getting approved.

@beppi thanks a lot for the speedy reply! 1f600.svg


PR is tricky, the above info is good, but just how much you earn, qualifications and tenure in SG don't fetch you a PR. There are a few threads on this forum for you to find and take note of.

@Shekhz thanks for the suggestion! I'll try finding the threads you mentioned for more information. 1f601.svg


I am wondering what would my approval chance if I apply for a PR

Staying in SG since Nov 2016 (7years)

Annual salary: 50K

Pass: S Pass.

Education: Diploma Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Occupation: Project Engineer

Nationality: Malaysian

Race: Chinese

Marital status: Single

Age: 34 this year

@johnholland4896 Your chances are probably low, because of meagre salary, being single and without kids. Your race seems to be the only Plus (in the eyes of the Singapore authorities) - unless there are other factors you did not mention: Is your education or work experience in a niche where Singapore wants to attract talent? Are you a famous scientist, artist or athlete? Do you have millions to invest in innovative Singapore companies?

@beppi Hi, thanks for your reply. Actually i already submitted my PR application 8 months ago but still pending. Im currently working in Green Renewable Energy for the pass 5 years. Hopefully will get my PR application result soon from ICA. 

Hi, I am from India and have gotten the PR last year. This is my profile:

43 years old

6 years in Singapore

Husband and daughter is on DP

$8,500/month working in IT industry

rejected three times

Applied thrice on my own and sought help on my fourth attempt.

@yourfaithfulness You becamePR while keeping your familymembers on DP(or, after the change, LTVP)?

That is the first time I hear about such a case - you must have something Singapore really wants, otherwise they would have rejected such an application without family!

@yourfaithfulness that's usually not possible. Congratulations. Im in sg for 15yrs family with two kids. Had 9 rejections. Almost same pay as yours.

@beppi Hi,

I moved to Singapore in 2010 and stayed for two years before being sent on an overseas mission for eight years, returning in September of 2020. I attempted to apply for PR in 2010 but was unsuccessful. I have since reapplied for PR and it is currently waiting as of six months ago. What are my chances of getting through? Can you please advise?

See My profile,

Staying in SG – Around 2 years, but before my oversea assignment I was here for 2 years.

Annual salary: 102K + 13th month salary + Performance Bonus

Pass: EP

Education: Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering

Occupation: Manger in Waste to Energy (incineration plant) Design Filed 

Nationality: Srilankan

Race: Tamil

Marital status: Married

Age: 46 this year

Family : House wife and 2 Daughters , they are in Srilanka

@Kamal Pathmanathan With only a short time in Singapore (two years) and shown a lack of loyalty to Singapore (you moved away, your family is not here), your chances are low.

Try together with your family, a year after thay moved here (if ever)!

@beppi Hi, Thank you your advise, I will try.


I'm just starting prepare my PR application recent, not sure if I need to apply the application together with my husband or sole application. Here's ours background:

Main Applicant:

Nationality: Malaysian - Chinese

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Work Pass: Employment Pass

Occupation: Scrum Master / Project Manager

Martial Status: Marriage

Education: MBA

Annual Salary: ~ 130,000 SGD

Duration in Singapore: 8 months

Work Experience: > 10+ years in Malaysia, 2 years in China and 8 months in Singapore

Languages spoken: English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese


Nationality: Malaysian - Chinese

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Work Pass: N/A

Occupation: Software Developer

Martial Status: Marriage

Education: MBA

Duration in Singapore: N/A (Work at Malaysia)

Work Experience: > 10+ years in Malaysia

Languages spoken: English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese

@angelinesg105 You are in the target group that Singapore wants to attract as PR!

However, after less than a year in the country, it is a bit too early. Try applying together with your husband when you crossed the three years in Singapore barrier!

Agreed with Beppi. Only drawback is you are working here and your husband is in Malaysia. But, most advantage is you are Malaysian (the most preferable community to get PR) and Chinese (most preferable race - based on quota system).

You should work for at least few years before you can get PR. 8months is too little to consider unless you are a prominent person or bringing millions of dollars then you can get PR in few months of stay in SG.

Good luck!

Hello. I am china chinese and i am thinking of applying for citizenship so that I can apply for pr for my parent (caucasian). May I know what is the chances of that? My salary is about 90k per year and I have been in SG for 20 years.

Do you mean to say that you are a PR and will apply citizenship soon? If yes then you can apply but there are certain criteria similar to PR to consider your citizenship.

About your parents applying PR, not sure if they are residing with you in Singapore. If they are residing here then they can apply PR (your citizenship application shouldn't be an issue for their PR application) but their source of income or bank balance and any dependency on you may have some impact to their PR application. Good luck