EP Approval Time May/June 2022

Let's share our respective dates here. Good luck to everyone!

My case: 

EP applied: 12 May
EP approved: Pending

Industry: Banking
Current location: HK
EU citizen
Master degree

My case: 

EP applied: 06 May
EP approved: Pending

Industry: IT
Current location: Vietnam

Bachelor's degree
Salary>7k (Fresh Grad)

updated: approved today 16 May (1 week)

@tmp_guy Congrats!! Hope mine won't take too long :)

@Ok Lah Thank you, I also wish you receive approval soon ^^

EP applied: 13 May
EP approved: Pending
Industry: IT
Current location: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Bachelor's degree
Salary>7k (7YOE)

Industry : IT

Document submitted by HR : 29 April 2022
Current status: Pending status as on May 17 2023
YoE: 11y
Current location : India
1st time EP application: Yes

My employer did a follow up on May 12 with MoM. No query/concern raised by MoM. They just asked to wait.

But I'm starting to get worried.

@SunilAl be positive, I heard it takes 3 weeks on average. Good luck 🙏🏻

Update: visa approved today 18 May 🥳

EP applied: 21 Apr
EP approved: 16 May
Industry: IT
Current location :China
Nationality: Indian
Bachelor's degree

@Ok Lah Congratulations! Did you get 2 or 3 years? 

We moved from HK too btw, I hope SG treats you well. We still miss Honkers every single day.
My Time lines

Applied EP by new Employer: 12 May 

Status: Pending as of today

Industry: Marine

Been in SG from 8 years and this would be my 5th EP application

Keeping fingers crossed for approval hopefully
hi ,

how to check the EP application status ?


Put your Date of Birth and FIN number to check

@John Jobs Thank you! 2 years visa

@John Jobs so many people moved from HK! Yes I'll definitely miss it...but happy to move out too :)

@sonuengg123 Can you apply for PR instead?

@sonuengg123 [link under review] (it will show only current EP status right ?)


It will show you record in last 6 months.. if you have ur EP now it would show its valid with expiry date and if someone has applied new EP for u it would show status as well. Last time they used to show that Status is pending then we need inputs from vetting agencies etc but now it just shows Pending and then change to Valid or Invalid depending on approval.
@Ok Lah 

Rejected 4 times.. tried with agency too wasted money but same result.. Rejection
@Ok Lah 

Btw u quite lucky.. Ur EP approval came super fast even though u were overseas.. I am still waiting, mine was applied on 12 May as well.

@sonuengg123 thanks for the details ,so if we see only one record it means the NEW IPA  is not applied right ?


Thats right.. once someone applies you will see 2 records with 1st one being Pending

@sonuengg123 thanks a Lot for the details. 

@sonuengg123 yes very lucky, took only 3 business days as Monday was Public holiday. Wishing everyone only the best with their application 

EP applied: 9 May
EP status: Pending
Industry: E-Commerce
Current location: Singapore
Indonesian citizen
Master's degree
Salary >5k

@jsanjaya168 any news? 

@sonuengg123 yes very lucky, took only 3 business days as Monday was Public holiday. Wishing everyone only the best with their application 

- @Ok Lah

I am stilll waiting patiently.. Mine and ur application date is same

@jsanjaya168 any news? 

- @sonuengg123

Not yet. Patiently checking the website 2-3x daily. 

Based on my previous 2 EP applications, it took me exactly 3 weeks to get it approved so if this one is the same, I should get a result by Friday.
I'm applying for S Pass.

Date applied: May 19
Status: Pending
Current location: Vietnam
Field: IT/Construction company
Salary: $3k

Wish all of us here the best!

@jsanjaya168 same here bro.. last time it took in total 17 days for me when i changed my company.. some ppl are getting it quite fast like in 6 or 7 days.. mine is already clocked 11 days in total now.. Lets see hopefully can get soon.. 

@withyou18 Best of Luck

EP applied: 26 April
Additional document submitted: 12th May
EP status: Pending
Industry: Business Consultancy
Current location: Singapore
Indian citizen
Master's degree from local university
Salary >6k.
Experience:6 Years

@Jacky99 what additional documents do they require? From your side or company side 

@Jacky99 what additional documents do they require? From your side or company side 

- @sonuengg123

From company side only. They asked about job description, salary requirement and business turn over in Singapore.

@Jacky99 i see then hopefully u can get ur approval soon by this week

New here. Just sharing my situation.

Been working in Sg coming 11 years now. Was on EP for my initial year downgraded to S-Pass until now. Never changed employer, which is a small local private IT company.

HR applied for S-Pass renewal last May 2 which was denied after two weeks due to no quota. Company head count is 5 locals/PR and I'm the only foreigner.

HR applied for E-Pass yesterday and given a long pending bump in salary and due to my role change. Reading through here I am now very worried. Will update again of any status. 

@Jacky99 I have almost the same dates of application + follow up docs as you. Did you hear back yet? 

EP application was submitted on April 7 and still pending. Industry - IT, salary is above 99 percentile for the industry, 20 years of experience.

I've been working in SG for 10 years in few companies on EPs and PEP and never has been waiting for so long for EP approvals. 
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