Job search in Scotland

hi, I have put my cv out but not had one reply, is it very difficult to find jobs in Scotland or do you have to be there to apply?

Scotland has a massive unemployment problem and there are a set of rules expats have to cover before they can get legal work.

hi Fred, thanks for your feedback, i was under the impression that the unemployment rate in Scotland had dropped to 4.2% equating to 115000 people looking for jobs - this is as per the internet -
Scots unemployment rate down slightly to 4.2% Scotland's unemployment rate dropped slightly to 4.2% in the three months between April and June. The Office for National Statistics said 115,000 people were looking for work, down from 118,000 in the prior months.Aug 14, 2018.
i have a dutch passport so am not quite sure how this will affect my job search in Scotland.