South African, looking for work in Scotland

I am recruiter for over 13 years, in the Oil & Gas Industry. am looking for work for myself in Scotland.  Does anyone have suggestions on how I can start this conversation to see my options?  I take a wealth of skill and contacts, and work with me. 
Scotland awaits !  Lol...

Why not contact employment agencies in Scotland, especially those who specialize in the oil and gas industry.
If you have a good client base you may be able to set yourself up in Scotland.

Good Morning Stumpy.
Thanks for your interest and reply.
I have tried quite a lucrative agency, but they are telling me i need to organise my own visa before I consider any of their offers.  i.e. If I join under their umbrella.  quite frustrating, as I need the job offer to confirm the visa, they are one in one?
I was referred to another yesterday, in Scotland, I'll try them today.  Basically, I do need the job in place first AND hopefully that job can semi fund the visa, for me to move on.  Quite expensive if done independently.
I only recently started searching, so I guess I need to do some more research in depth/as it happens.  Just anxious to get it done !  Lol....

Pleased to meet you, and thanks for advise.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

It's probably more difficult than you would hope for; please follow this link to a post I made on this subject previously.

Your future employer must apply for and sponsor your visa.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Great thanks!  will check out the link asap.

oh dear, seems my skill set, as an established Recruiter is not on the list.  Any ideas on where I would be able to start contacting Recruiters for Recruiter jobs in Scotland?  I will google reputable Scottish recruitment agencies online, but any references either way will be gratefully received please.

sincere thanks.

Hi again,

If you don't feature on the skill shortage list, then you will not get a work permit to do any job in the UK.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,
This is confirmed. I checked the relevant sites, and even spoke to a recruitment agency in UK and Scotland.  While they might have work for me on offer, as a recruiter for my field, they will not sponsor, partial/full, the visa costs on relocation etc.  They are apparently not accredited to do so.  I have to find my own way there, which is costly if entirely funded by myself.
I will continue the search.  Even if I am to work for a company abroad, on Virtual basis, I am open to that.  I can work from home, as I do currently, for my International clients.  Maybe this setup could lead to future offers down the line via Scotland.  I guess I can only keep trying.

Your time appreciated.

Hi again,

Yep and of course it puts you into the viscous circle of no skill = no work-permit = no visa = no entry to UK.

If your aim was to emigrate to the UK to live and work/better life, then under the current scheme, you're probably not going to get in.  Brexit isn't helping as UK immigration has caused some enormous problems (if only in peoples minds), so to avoid being accused of being racist, the British Government are being nasty to everyone - it would appear they don't mind being xenophobic.

You may want to consider the US or Canada; both have a burgoning oil/gas industry and may place greater value in your skill set.

I suspect we haven't helped you much in achieving your goal, but I wish you the best of luck.

Expat Team

Helped more than enough, I am appreciative.
I am not one to give up that easy.  :-)

Thank you for the excellent advise, I do so need it, and am happy for it.
Sincere thanks.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.