Female voice needed for a short film

I'm looking for a woman with some kind of a Middle Eastern accent to record the speech for a short film. It would be just one page of some loose sentences and it probably wouldn't take longer than 15 mins to record.
As for the payment, I'm sure we can figure something out. I'd be happy to take you for a lunch or something.
I'd really appreciate your help!

Hi zoltykot,

Posting your advert in the Casting jobs in Glasgow section can help you find what you are looking for.



:) if you still need help I can offer myself as volunteer but you need to wait just another few days until I will arrive in Scotland-Alford. hopefully everything will be ok! have a good time!

Hello, I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic - might be ok for your needs?


you need any more female voices for your film?

I am looking for a friend from Edinburgh to correspondence.

Hi Simca,

Welcome on board :)

Please note that this thread here is a bit old :)

Feel free to start a new topic on your own with a much proper introduction about yourself on the Glasgow Forum  with a few words so as we know a bit more about you and it will be generate better connection :)

Thank you