Slovenian/Latvian/Estonian/Lithuanian/Croatian Customer Service Jobs

I am looking to hire Slovenian/Latvian/Estonian/Lithuanian and Croatian language speakers in the Glasgow area for a Customer Service position , on a monthly contract. If anyone is looking for work please mail me.

Hi Arlene McDowall,

You should post an advert for your job offer in the Business services jobs in Glasgow section please :)

Thank you


Arlene, I didn't know that IBM Greenock was also looking for these languages.

Hi , the roles are with Manpower and not IBM. The assignment will be on our client site . Do you have contacts to people with these language skills in the local area?

Im speaking native Croatian and interested in customer service position in Glasgow. Is still open? Please e-mail me at .

Best regards!


I was wondering if you are still looking for potential employees for a customer service job. I am a Croatian national with legal residence in Glasgow.

Let me know if you are still interested in hiring,

My email is

Thank you in advance,


Hi Anja,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Customer service job offers in Glasgow section, this might surely help. :)

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Dear Mrs Mc Dowall ,
My name is Igor Grdaković and I`m originally from Croatia but I lived in Ireland  , for years..
Now I`m in Croatia.
I`m looking for any possible job vacancies in Scotland , preferably in Glasgow , because my partner , she lives in Glasgow and I would love to go to her for we would love to start a life together. She , Claire is her name , she told me that she`d look up for me as well but I like to to it myself  as well ,to find a job  , I mean.
I`m qualified Security Guard and doorman , I`ve been working in Sales  for years as well as in construction  and in restoration , in Ireland and in Croatia.
I`ve finished St John`s Central College in Cork as well.  Restoration of Antique furniture and cabinet making.
Dear Arlene , Dear Mrs Mc Dowall , I would appreciate very so much if you would get back to me.
Kindest Regards ,
Sincerely , Igor Grdaković

Hi Igor Grdaković,

I advise you to create an ad in the Jobs in Glasgow section. It might help. :)

I also advise you to do a google search, you will certainly find some nice recruitment websites. ;)

Good luck,

Priscilla team

Wish you all the best

Thank a lot to you all

Hello there! I know this post is somewhat dated, but was curious if you were still hiring? I was born in the U.S. but I speak fluent Croatian (raised by Croat parents) and have extensive experience in customer service and hospitality.

Hope to hear from you!! :)


Hi there!
Im from Estonia,25 year old, male, named Martin. Looking for a opportunity to use my native language for work. I speak Estonian and English. I have a can do attitude also im positive and very active.

Hello Martin and welcome to!

Thank you for your participationg on this thread, however kindly note that the initial thread is dated  August 2013!

Time to close down this thread, since this job is no more presently available ;)

Kenjee Team