Looking for a job in Glasgow to apply Tier 2 (General) visa

Hi All,

I am Atsna from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am willing to move to glasgow for work. Is there anyone who has any idea about looking for a job in Glasgow in finance sector to get certificate of sponsorship referrence number to apply Tier 2 (general) visa?

Thank you for your attention.

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Hello Atsna

Whilst Scotland is one of Europe's leading financial centres and the second financial hub in the UK outside of London, you will find it difficult, at least for the time being (EU exit), to find a sponsor as most sponsorships are going to EU Nationals.

Having said this, if your skills, qualifications and experience fit in with a prospective employer's criteria then do not give up hope.

Composing a sparkling CV is your first step plus reasons for specifically seeking a post in Glasgow in your letter of introduction (Edinburgh, actually has a larger financial services sector).

Also, if you are not yet a member of LinkedLn, then join as a full member,as this is a good professional networking site.

Is there a specific reason for you wanting to work in Glasgow?


Michael (married to an Indonesian National) living in Glasgow

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your advice.

I've been sending job applications through some job search websites in the last few months, and still there is no job offer landing to me... :(

Yeah, ur right... its so difficult for Indonesian National gets an employer who can sponsor the visa.

Since my qualification is not in an expert level , it makes me more difficult to find a job there.

Yeah, I have another reason why I want to move there, but i think right now is no longer relevan. Then, Im thinking about to change my plan to get a job wherever in the world which could offer a good paid.

Really? ur married to Indonesian National?... who is ur wife's name?.... because I know an Indonesian married to UK citizen, living in Glasgow. She is from Malang not far from my hometown and her husband's name is also Michael... :)


Hello Atsna,

If you feel that your qualifications are not strong enough, I suggest you go down "the other reason" route, if that is still a viable option?

Yes, your last paragraph is correct :-)




Ooh my goodness hahaha...

Yeah, i think i will change into another plan :)


Hi Michael,

I've lost contact with Thyan since for months ago. Did she change her wahatsapp number?
I also sent her a message through expat.com, but I haven't got any reply as well.

Thank you.

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Thank you.