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Hello all!

I'm in my third year at University of Glasgow for my EdD. I'm a US citizen teaching here for the past 13 years. I'm interested in moving in a year or so to hopefully start then finish my dissertation.

The issue I'm looking into is working and living in Glasgow for up to two to three years. What is the best course of action in order to attain the proper visa?

The EdD is part-time and I'm online for the majority of school time. I travel to Glasgow two-three times a year for weekend school.

Any advice?


Hi Eric

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I'm confused. You're enrolled in an online D of Ed at the U of Glasgow, you currently live in the States, and you want to move to Scotland to complete your dissertation?

Hi Eric,
your school should be able to help you with the Visa, and they also have student housing available, though I am finding it is more expensive that renting non student housing. As for a job, if you are looking to be a full time student, the Tier 4 Visa allows you to work part time. Not sure what all the guides are for part time students....

Here is Your solution. If dont choose to enter with a Students Visa sponsorship which the uni will help you with,You can always enter on a visa,then pop over to Paris for a week at the end of its expiry then re-enter a week later. That will be Your Year in Scotland.

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