How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

Dear All,
My EP is in 'Pending' status for 64 days now. (EP applied on May 28th). Are there anyone whose EP is in pending status for more than 50 days?
This is my 1st ever application to Singapore EP. Actually I'm wondering that I have all the qualifications for this particular job (Having a computer science special bachelors degree, few diplomas and more than 10 years of experience. So I can't find any thing to disqualify me.

Yes, there have been cases with processing times of two months and longer, although that is not common.
Your employer should contact MoM an ask what is holding it up.

my husband's LOC pending for almost 3 months

:/  Well I’m waiting about 106 days.... Still with hope   :top:

Hello everyone,

I just want to share my timeline here since this tread is very helpful to me.

- Applied EP (my 4th EP in SG): 01/07/2019
- Pending status until 21/07/2019
- Rejected: 22/07/2019 (HR's administrative mistake)
- Appealed: 23/07/2019 (HR called MOM office and s/he talked to wait for 3 weeks.)
- Called and expedite: 30/07/2019 (Officer still asked to wait till 3 weeks from appealed date.)
- Approved: 01/08/2019

Wish best to all of you waiting for EP!!

tm100 :

Dear All,
My EP is in 'Pending' status for 64 days now. (EP applied on May 28th). Are there anyone whose EP is in pending status for more than 50 days?
This is my 1st ever application to Singapore EP. Actually I'm wondering that I have all the qualifications for this particular job (Having a computer science special bachelors degree, few diplomas and more than 10 years of experience. So I can't find any thing to disqualify me.

Dear All,
My EP is approved today after 65 days. What I want to say for all of you guys is that please stay in hungry, humble, cautious & patient for your pass! Don't be nervous or impatient if you are genuine and your qualifications are met with the application.
I wish you all that you will receive your pass soon enough.
Also like to thank again for Beppi and Surya for your assistance and guidance! Kindly request from you to do the same in the future too!

My ep application got rejected by Mom last month and am still waiting for my prospective employer to make an appeal. They have re-posted the adv on jobs bank for 14 days and when I called them today to check on the status, they told me that they have not make an appeal yet as they need more time to consider other factors. I know that they are getting info from other new applicants before they make an appeal for my case.

My question is if applicants keep flowing in to apply for the same position on jobsbank, does it mean that I have to wait for all info being collected from potential candidates(sg citizen n pr) before employer can appeal?

The employer has to show that they have duly considered any local applicant before making the decision to hire a foreigner instead.
Posting on the jobs bank with no suitable candidate applying is the easiest way to achieve this, but if there are applicants they have to of course be considered and rejected before they can hire you.

:o . Noted and thanks

Dear guys ,
       I have share my E pass application status.but still pending on around 6 months.

Submitted application on 11 Feb 2019
Next day it will show on "pending" status
Then application rejected on 11 march 2019
And status shown on "Rejected"
  Reason for reject on my salary package are very the application can rejected.

Then they will clear all the queries to again appeal on a Epasss.

Then next day he will appealed on 13 march 2019
But status shown on "Rejected"

But till a date (8 august 2019) the application can be still processing On status shown on "Rejected" .
It's can't be change for any status .
I have submitted to all the documents .

1.What is procedure of processing time on MOM?
2.Why did the processing time to so longer time on application?

3.And then how many months on validation of Epass application form?

Pls anybody clarify my doubt.

The processing time for EP applications is highly variable - for the details see the first post in this thread.
But six months is too long! Your employer should urgently contact MoM and ask what is holding it up and how it can be accelerated.
(Just to make sure: Are you sure your employer did actually appeal?)

Yeah he said on (14 Feb 2019)  reappealed my application. And then also he said the application are processing time period due to 3 months .So you have to wait for that.

Then i wait on June 20 (3 month completed).
But status can't be change.its shown only on "Rejected".

But still the processing time on underprocess.

Why do this process to so longer on my application or any purpose  ?

And how many months to application expired  till the applied date ?

An application does not “expire”, but six months is definitely too long.
Your employer should contact MoM, that’s the only way to find out what is happening or to speed up things!

Thanks a  lot  beppi👍 for your discussion

Hi, my future employer currently appealed for my rejected EP. May I know can my appeal be affected if my current employer renew my current employment pass? Can renewal of EP be done if there is an appeal Of EP?

Jobseeker93 :

Can renewal of EP be done if there is an appeal Of EP.

Very good wuestion, which we didn’t have yet on the forum - therefore no circumstantial evidence.
But I would expect it to have an influence: Why, in the eyes of MoM, would you want to stay in your old job (thus renew) and insist to change )thus appeal) at the same time?
If, which looks possible, MoM considers a renewal to be a kind of application, it won’t even work for formal reasons: You can only have one ongoing work pass application at any one time.
And even if it is possible, your current employer will in the process get to know that another EP application is submitted. Many companies would then decide not to renew such illoyal employees.
Altogether, I would avoid such a risk unless I’m very sure I want to leave the old job.

Hi, Were you able to get the approval on your EP?Did your employer appeal or submit a new application for you?

Hi all

I have been waiting for my EP since 17 Jul 2019. It was rejected 2nd week of submission due to job ads issues. HR has then issued appeal, and it is still eejected status now.

My previous employment was ended 23rd Aug and i flew out the next day. Anyone have idea if i can still go back Singapore my the SVP issued upon cancellation of my previous pass?

Thanks a lot for the discussion, it makes feel better reading through all the posts.

I'm waiting for EP approval since last 71 days, here is my timeline.

* My EP applied on 19th June
* Rejected on 8th Juley with a reason of salary offered to me is beyond the jobsbank job
   post salary range mentioned
* Employer reposted job and waited for 2 weeks, only 2 applications received
* Appealed on 22nd July after 2 weeks of wait
* My employer received a notification on 12th Aug (end of 3 weeks from appeal date) saying MoM need more time to process my application
* Employer called MoM on 14th Aug to ask for anything holding them to process and got case number to expedite
* I have called MoM on 19th Aug to request for a status on case number given to my employer, but MoM refused to give any details and asked my employer to call them for any inquiries
* Employer called MoM on the same day after my call, They've not given my employer any specific reason but have said that they have not got a case officer looking at it
* Employer received additional information (Contract and Job Description) request on 20th Aug and submitted documents on the same day

Coming to my profile, I'm a Data Engineer working in Singapore from last 5 years with a total of 10 years experience. All my previous EP applications and renewal are smooth, my current EP application I mentioned above is to my 4th Job.

My contract (1y) is with a recruiting agency to work for an Insurence company, salary is 14k+ per month and it is almost 50% increase if MoM just looks at my fixed salary since my current perm role pays me 9.4k + 10% to pension account every month + anual bonus of 15%. I don't have bonus + other benefits of pension and health benefits with the new role, so base increased to match. I feel the salary increase could have alarmed MoM along with job posting issue.

Are there any chances of approval in this case. My employer (not the agency who applied my current EP) promised me that they will try with other sources (other agency/direct) if my current EP application is not successful, does it really helps? Sorry for the long message, I'm trying to give all the details here.

Spr07: Nothing wrong with your application and, with about 6 weeks since the appeal was submitted, it's also still in the normal timeline range. They might just do some additional background checks (does your status in EPOnline say "vetting"?) - or the officers have a long backlog of cases to process.
The only issue I can see is that, with four jobs within five years in Singapore, you are a job-hopper, which MoM dislikes.
You should just be patient and wait for the result!

Thanks beppi for quick response, current status shows "Rejected". I will keep my status updated with latest progress.

Oh yes, you were rejected at first and this is still shown during the appeal process. Thus you can probably not even find out whether you are in the "vetting" stage.
In any case, there is nothing you can do but wait. Patience is a virtue (although admittedly not an easy one)!

Hello! My future-Employer submitted my EP application last wednesday (28/09/19) and today (monday 10 am— 02/09/19) I checked online that the status changes from ‘Pending’ to “ We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer.”

Is this what they called “Vetting”?
What usually happen at this stage? Is there something employer or me can do?

I’m currently working fulltime in SG with SPass. Has anyone have experience switching from sPass to EP? How was the process like? Thank you so much!

The answers for the following questions have been discussed before and you could have found them by searching the forum. This is what we encourage everybody to do befpore posting!

forthebetter :

Is this what they called “Vetting”?


forthebetter :

What usually happen at this stage?

Your credentials are checked by external agencies.

forthebetter :

Is there something employer or me can do?

Nothing other than wait.

hi, my husband's loc finally was approved after 4 months....

My EP finally approved today, thank you beppi for your support here.

Hi All,

Need your suggestion, it has been a month already that I applied for my EP. I just got to know the MOM requested my employer ( a big multinational firm) for more documents.

My question is usually how long will they take to approve the EP after receiving reply for the company? I just want to estimate the wait time.

I am an Indian working in Germany and my Visa is expiring soon in Germany, So I have to plan based on above information.

Many thanks,

Read the long first post in this discussion thread - it contains all the information we know about how long a work pass application might take. Of course your specific case might differ, but thgen we won't know it either!

Hi, I’ve just recently got my S Pass approved so I want to share a little more about it for those that are still waiting.

I graduated from a local polytechnic in May 2019 in science related field. But i have no plans on continuing the field that i studied as the starting pay for a my related field would probably not able to get me even an S Pass.

So i look for other alternative and found a marketing company. They hired me and applied my S Pass for me on August 20/08/2019. Below is my timeline:

20/08/2019: Pending
22/08/2019: We need inputs from other agencies to process this application...
07/09/2019: Approved

Even though my field of study has nothing to do with the job that i applied for, my S Pass still got approved. So don’t give up and be patient!!

Don’t lose hope and know that good things will come your way soon.

Good luck to everyone else waiting for their pass approval!

prash422: MoM asked my employer for additional documents in my EP process, you can find the details in my previous posts. After my employer submitted additional documents, MoM sent below notification on 20th Aug along with confirming that thye have received required additional documents to proceed.

We will process your request by 03 Sep 2019. We will contact you if a longer time or additional information is required.

While we are looking into your request, please do not contact us unless really necessary as this may disrupt the review process and delay the outcome of the case inadvertently.

My employer called MoM on 2nd Sep to enquire about the status and MoM said that no more followups required and they do best to close this case soon.

My EP was approved on 3rd Sep, so if your employer also receives such notification after submitting additional documents, you can expect an update by that date.

Hi guys, I did the SAT Test and the result shown that I am eligible for E-Pass and S-Pass. Therefore, my company apply me an E-Pass and after 2 weeks, the result shown that my E-Pass was rejected.

The statement from MOM said that the candidate does not meet the qualifying criteria (salary, qualifications, and experience) for E-Pass. In line with rising local wages, the criteria for employment pass have been tightened to ensure that e-pass holder are complementary to the local workforce.

I did the SAT pass, and it was mentioned that I am eligible for E-Pass, do you guys have the same experiences?

SAT only a basic tool to advise you that you are eligible to apply. To get approval, there are several yardsticks, you can refer one thread at TOP with subject “Criteria at MoM...”. Good luck

surya2k :

SAT only a basic tool to advise you that you are eligible to apply. To get approval, there are several yardsticks, you can refer one thread at TOP with subject “Criteria at MoM...”. Good luck

thanks surya for the feedback, I had been following your post from long time ago, and I will check on that thread

My EP Pass is in pending status for 64 days. This is my first EP application and it was applied on 15 July. Hoping for a positive outcome soon.

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