How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take

My EP got rejected today.

Edu- Masters in IT field.
Exp- 6+ years in IT field
job offer-  same field.
salary - $6k p.m.
empoyment- permanent

Application date- 12-nov-2019
status - Pending
Query - date -  18-nov-2019
Query - "If already ever worked in singapore?
Query response sent date- 18-nov-2019
Query response sent as  - "No"

Employer contacted Mom on 20-Dec-2019  - come to know some policy is changed and it will take time to process.

Ep rejection today(17 Jan 2020) (status pending to Rejected)
Employer informed as due to the policy change.
(not sure exact which clause landed this to rejection)

Employer re-appealed today(17-Jan-2020) as per new policy.
Re-appeal processing time mentioned as 3 weeks.
But looking some online forums , seems its also need indefinite time like EP process.

Total days as on today- 66
looking forward 66 days more  :)

Let me know if anyone has idea on this case

Hi IsIam699,

Mine is still pending....... May all of us waiting for approval a good luck.

Hi guys, I got an offer from a company in Singapore in cybersecurity. I have 2.7 years of experience. Salary offer is more than what is required. My ep was applied 2 weeks back. I know it generally takes a month for the reply but just wanted to know what are my chances of approval?

You can read various threads including the main thread talks about various yardsticks at MoM to go through before it approves any work pass. You can judge yourself where your application stands.

With little information that you have mentioned here, nobody can tell you what would be your chances.

People are getting pass approval in weeks time and also cases are there which take in months. Each application has its merits and can’t compare with other application. Good luck

Dear Friends,

I have been a keen reader of this forum, and while I am going through the same 'delay in EP' pain, I wanted to post my timelines to check if anyone is having a similar experience, especially in the face of the coronavirus issue.

My Education - Electronics Engineer, Full Time MBA from a premier institute. 16 years work-ex, last 11 years in Singapore. Have previously changed job twice in Singapore, all previous jobs in Top 10 IT Service and Software companies in various Technology Sales and Industry Consultant roles.

Resigned from last job mid-Jan (a global top IT company where I was a Sales Principal) and left for my home country to attend family events back home. My new Company (which is also a global IT giant) applied for EP on 23-Dec-2019.

New job Position - Technical Director, Salary 250k SGD +

EP applied - 23-Dec
First Query from MOM came in - around 10 Jan [Query was regarding "Why this candidate over others" type]
Query resolved by New Company - around 14/15 Jan. After that no communication from MoM.

Till now status has been 'Pending', in fact status was 'Pending' with no change since 23-Dec itself.. I am in 8th week of waiting..

Can this delay have something to do with the recent coronavirus alert or something? Or are people experiencing this kind of delay on average...

Any recent experience would help me with some piece of mind... :)

Guys, Want to share with you my experience.

Applied for renew: 19th Nov 2019
Status 1: Pending (from 19th Nov to 16th Dec)
Status 2:  We need inputs from other...... ( from 16th Dec to 12 Feb 2020)
Status 3: Approved on 13th Feb 2020 between 4-6 pm

My company applied for 3 years renewal but MOM approved for 1 year. Do anyone have any idea what could be the possible reason?

I have already responded to your same query in another thread. Don’t write duplicate query in multiple threads, it’s unnecessarily creating additional work for me and Beppi to read and respond.

To answer your query, see below:
Your employer can’t say how many years an employee should get renewal of his or her work pass. MoM does that after reviewing each case on its merit then renew accordingly.

Prior to 1yr expiry, your employer can apply for renewal again.

I find this community very helpful. Thanks, [at]beppi, and [at]surya2k!

Origin: India
Salary: $7000
Role: Senior Software Engineer
Relevant Experience: 8.4 Years
Qualification: B.E. CSE
Applied for EP by Company: 14th Feb 2020
Status on 19th Feb 2020: Pending

I will keep you guys posted on further updates.

Wish me luck!

I got my EP approved today. Surprisingly, It took less than 10 days.

I have not got any intimation from the company yet. But I hope the IPA will be valid for 6 months. My notice period in India is for 2 months.

You will get an IPA letter (your employer will share with you) which must have clearly stated the validity period.

Thanks, Surya. You are right. I received the IPA from the employer. My IPA is valid till 21st Aug (6 months).

Looking forward to moving in very soon  :D

My EP also approved today and waiting for the IPA letter from the employer.

Thank you.

how long it took?

Around 3 months.

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