Filipino here in UAE with old lung scar already got job offer

@jofrex123  hi. Are you still in Dubai? Can I have your Mobile Number. I had same scenario. And I dont know what to do

What are the updates?

@MustangShelbyF5 What happened to your story... what was the medical test result?

@Hannam17 So you lied to the doctor that you never had TB?

any update on this thread?

What update?  the law is the same.

Hello, can you share what happened? I also want to go in Kuwait. But I'm worrying with my X-ray too.

Hello, any update on the results guys? I wanted also to go in kuwait.



What is different in the application process for spouse visa?

( In reference to 3rd reply)

Anu update of the result senacute and mustangshelbyf5?

@Liz121480 but theres a case that they retest and the result is negative but still they got unfit result 😥

What is different in the application process for spouse visa?
( In reference to 3rd reply)

Spouse visa is granted on compassionate basis for 1 year with follow up.



What is different in the application process for spouse visa?


1.What if we are not aware of the scar, and applied for husband visa, then medical went failed. In such case what should be done next to get the lineance of spouse visa ? Apply again?

2.I am asking whether the DEPENDENCE VISA APPLICATION itself is not enough for consideration or 

We have to follow entirely different application procedure like getting any approval?

The process keeps changing and you need to check with DHA for that. In the past you had to file a separate plea after medical unfit.


Can you please elaborate the step by step procedure to file a separate plea ?

Where can we look for the updations and changes in the medical unfit process of spouse visa ?

1 year after giving the conditional residence visa and treatment completion the fitness certificate is granted or not?

I already answered you. The process keeps changing. Just go to DHA.

@senacute hi any update on your medical?

Hi! Is this forum still active?

Do we have an update with TB scars for 2023. I was never sick with TB in the past but I was infected by covid few years back.

I came to Dubai as visit visa and fortunately, got a job in Freezone silicon Oasis.  I did my medical test, but was asked to go back for follow-up in Muhaisnah, Block 7.  I asked the doctor what could have been the issue, she said, there are some changes in my lungs and we need to do more test.  She asked me if I had TB, Pneumonia, or Covid from the past, and I said yes. They did my PPD(skin test), Blood Test and Sputum test and asked me to wait for 3-4 days for the results. The results will just emailed to me or the pro.

I did some research on the how to read ppd test (15mm more is positive) and mine was 15 mm. I'm still waiting for the result for the other tests, my question are:

  1. If PPD test is positive and my sputum and blood are negative, Am I still get to be deported?
  2. If I cancel the employment and change it to visit visa so I can stay in UAE, would that be fine?
  3. Can i request to do 2nd opinion for my medical?
  4. If i will be deported, Can I no longer go back to UAE even for visit visa?

Thank you hoping to hear some answers.

If you read this and the other threads, I have clarified these points literally hundreds of times. NOTHING has changed in 2023 regarding this topic.

1) Again, if you read what I have been saying..........IT DOES NOT MATTER what the individual test result is. It is the diagnosis of the doctor that determines the can have one positive one negative or both negative and can still be assessed as a case of past TB leading to deportation. Try and understand that this is not a check the box thing.  It is a clinical diagnosis e.g. the doctor may strongly believe that you have past TB based on the primary investigation i.e. X-ray (TB scars present very uniquely in an X-ray)...........the other tests are being done as a matter of procedure or to rule out active infection (which may require treatment before deportation for everyone's safety).........and may not matter if the doctor's mind is made up. On the other hand, if there is doubt, these may act in your favor.

PPD induration of 15 mm means that you have latent TB. Sputum test checks for active TB. MOH does NOT do any blood test for TB - that you have do on your own cost and I would advise you to do that immediately. It is called a Quantiferon Gold TB test. If that is negative, then you can use that to argue your case.   I have seen many cases where people were granted a visa with positive PPD, negative sputum alongside a 6 month anti-viral course (to treat latent TB) and also, I have seen cases where people were deported with negative PPD/Sputum.  And there are also a few cases, listed on the forum, where the individuals managed to use the negative Quantiferon test to change the doctor's mind. Each clinical case is different so you can't apply a check in the box approach to the outcome.

2) No. Too late for that now

3) No. There is no legal route to do that nor do you have any right for the same

4) If deportation takes place after finger / eye scan then you cannot come back to the UAE on any type of visa EXCEPT a family visa i.e. sponsored by a spouse (but even in that case, you can never work here)

Hi may i know, if I already have a record in GAMCA from other middle east country and apply again in a dif gcc. Will they automatically see my previous record? Thanks.


Hi @XTang, i just have a question. Please can you help me be enlightened.

I will be having a new employer by June 2023, i have lung scar issue because of severe lung infection from my reflux disease wayback 2021.

My question is, if they found out my scar in AUH medical fitness test and fortunately I am given a chance for fit conditional for 1year residence visa, can I work during that 1year ? Or that 1year chance is only given for you to recover and have check ups?

Thank you.

You can work during the conditional.

@XTang thank you so much answering. God bless

I wanted to share my experience here, as it may help someone.

  • Last week we applied for a Dependant Visa for my wife(I am here on work visa) and completed the medical at Al Qouz Mall on March 17th 2023.
  • Received a text through our PRO on Sunday evening (March 19th) as was asked for a "Follow Up" within two days at Al Muhaisnah Medical Center.
  • We reported to the medical center early in the morning 9AM and went through the formalities of taking the token, waiting for the turn and meeting the doctor.
  • Doctor mentioned the issue was my wife had a small/very old scar in her lung and asked for medical history of TB/Corona/Accidents or any surgery. We replied confidently that we had none of those, which was the truth.
  • Doctor said it shouldn't be an issue but they wanted to double check with us. Probably they wanted to see my wife in person and check for any possible symptoms like weight loss etc.
  • We were asked to leave and the next day (March 21st 2023) the result came in as FIT and now my wife is free to work

Waiting period even though it was short was nerve wrecking. Having ti imagine a possible deportation plays on your mind. But we have no option but to wait.

The status on Salem website post the follow up showed "Follow Up in process" for the entire day and only changed the next day.

I believe UAE does not want any trace of TB and are very strict. It was  a nervy & not so pleasant experience of having to wait after the follow up,  they must think of providing quicker results online.

nice post like it

@Liz121480 did you tell them that you had a ptb before?

@Lawrence02 how was your medical result?

Guys I received resident visa but not uae Id yet, does that mean I am fit medically?I am new for Dubai

@Lawrence02  can i know what work are you applying here

@Lawrence02 can i know whats your work?

@Liz121480  can i know whats your work?

I went for my medical test two days ago and I've still not yet receive my result and my PRO is also saying they've not sent him the result. So I'd like to know why the delay, because the result is, supposed to be out within 24hrs under normal circumstances

Sometimes it is delayed.  Just wait and see outcome before worrying.

@XTang My PRO Checked the status online and it says "Follow Up In Process" so I've been  asked to do a retest at the Muhaisnah Medical Center. I'll be going with my Negative TB Gold and GenExpet result, because I tested it few months in my home country when I went for vacation. Truly, doctor said there's something wrong with my lung, so he advise I do all the vital test for TB, HIV and Hapitist B... All result negative. I was also give a 6 months TB medication, and am on my 5th month now. Hopefully everything will turn in my favor

@MustangShelbyF5 hi.. If i may ask during the medical did you declare in the medical questionnaires that you have history of ptb? Thanks


What about u r medical retest. Have u got a residence visa