Filipino here in UAE with old lung scar already got job offer

1) Meant that the medical tests would be first done in your home country as "pre-employment medical" followed by the tests in the UAE clinics on arrival.  The pre-employment is only for visa issuance but the UAE medical is the real one which determines whether the visa will be stamped or not
2) Like you said, it is really case to case.  And depends on the magnitude of the scar and how visible it is
3) Basically if they find a scar, they would want to do either a skin or sputum test to confirm it.  This usually takes some days, say a week.  During this time, you are not in the hospital - why would you be?   unless you have active TB.  Once this is done, then the decision is taken
4) This was announced in all UAE newspapers a year ago I think and you can google search it.  I don't think they updated it on the MOH site.  In this part of the world, all the ins and outs and do/don'ts are not clearly documented
5) Medical fitness for YOU is part of the offer acceptance.  And the contract you sign, will have that clearly listed i.e. if you fail the medical, your offer is withdrawn or contract cancelled.  For your wife, they won't ask for anything.   The reason I am asking to disclose is that while it has NO impact on your job offer, at least it's a conversation starter with your employer to let them know that their support is required for getting your wife visa through in the future.  What if you land, get your visa and your wife has an issue and at that stage, your employer says that it is your headache not ours?
6) Well as far as the rules stand now, she definitely won't be able to get a work visa as a "new" visa applicant with a lung scar.  I am referring to whether they will still consider her as a "new" visa applicant some years down the road when she wants to transfer from a dependent visa to work visa.  You never know how that can go or maybe they relax the laws even further

Yes, it is a good idea to do a check to see what it looks like.

Had a moderate lung scar and had to do the skin test and sputum test for 3 days. After that they said the company PRO can get the results this sunday. I do hope that it would be a good news. But if ever it's not, how long do you think I have left to leave this country?

It varies and is case to case.


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There is NO way. What this guy is saying is totally against medical science and I suspect that he will ask you to pay some money for a "miracle" product.   Reported.

what country are you from gzel?

Theres a way. If you find a better way. I'm a Radiographer. You have to take something in order for it to disappear.

Well this is the first time I have heard of it.  Congrats, you seem to have found a way that none of the doctors in the world have found so far.

So let me guess, interested people should message you and you will sell them something?

Thank You my friend  XTang.

Only knowledge i have (Information).  I don't sell products.

Anyways, whats your story my friend?

So why don't you post information here then so that people can benefit?

I don't have a story.

So,my HR called me today and said that i am FIT to work!!! I feel so lucky and blessed. I thought it's impossible because the doctor told me that I got moderate lung scars. I don't know if it's because of Ramadan and they are feeling generous or what but I am so thankful that I get to stay here. Thank you Lord!!

It's your good luck that the scars weren't diagnosed as TB scars.  Congrats.

TB. hypertension and  heart  are common diseases in the Philippines,   they use much pork and wine in their food, poverty, is a big  factor

Hi I am new in this forum.I only want some insights. I suffered PTB way back 2007 and treat it.Then on April 2016 I went to Dubai and land a job.My medical was went well also so I worked there for more than a year before I transfer to new company feb 2018 then terminated by june 2018.So i did multiple exit before I land a job this year.Then I went againg medical last june 16 then they told me to go for further follow up.went to al muhaisna medical center today.they only ask me question etc.then told me that PRO will pick up the result on 20th.Im so anxious right now with the there any one who have same situation.

Don't post on multiple threads.

It is simply that your old PTB was not picked up on the first X-ray that you did.   But if it picked up on this one then it can go either way.  If they treat you as a new visa, then you will be deported.

Sorry for posting on multiple thread.

So they will not do any retest like sputum and skin test?Thanks for the reply.

If you already admitted to them that you had past PTB, they will not do any other test.

So if she admitted that she had tb before, then they will let it pass and will give you visa?

Depends.  If it is a new visa case then no.  Old visa case, yeah.

applying visa after cancellation is consider as new visa, right?

Really appreciate the people who shared their experiences and tips above. Never thought this going happen to me and my wife, but I am here seeking some suggestions for same situation.
My wife has been working Dubai for 6 years,she recently change her job, when she did medical test in June, she had been told to do retest in Muhaisnah, so we went to there three days and she did skin test and sputum test.After few days she got a UNFIT result, the reason is OLD TB disease, which we had no idea how and why, she doesn't have any sign of TB Or old tb. Plus she just did renew her visa 2018 from previous company and nothing wrong, and also she went back to home when she waiting for the new application for the new company and did health check nothing wrong either.I believe she doesn't have any TB OR OLD TB
My question followed below
1.So is there any chance the examination could go wrong .
2.Any chance to do the test again in a different center.(people knows how is Muhaisnah centers environment)
3.if we want to do the test by our own expenses, where should we go ? DHA hospital or private hospital?
4.If we did gold tb test is it still possible to let gov change the status for her application.
5.If she can't get employment visa, can I apply the husband visa for her.i have seen the inquirment for husband visa, which we fit all the conditions except the medical one.
Hope someone can help me for this

Yes,any renter considered as new visa applications

I also have an old ptb scar that I acquired way back 2004 and got cured on the same year. It is my first time to go abroad under visit visa. I'm seeking employment here in AUH to somehow help my husband with the expenses. I only have a doctor's clearance from the Philippines, stating that I'm already cleared despite of the scar. Is the medical procedure in AUH stricter than in DXB? I have to be honest that this post gave me high hopes that I could pass medical exams in case of getting hired as long as I have a doctor's clearance

Please help me😔 were in the same condition i already deported go back in phillipines because of my unfit medical there in uae... but im planning to go back soon in uae... im scared for my medical😔  calcific scar... please help me😢

Did you bring a doctor's certificate stating that you are already cleared?

Can i ask what agency who accept me... that i have a lung scar???

But i dont have an any certificate on my medical...

I don't think that an agency can help you because doctors conduct the TB test. You should have a medical certificate stating that you are already cleared and does not active TB anymore. How long did you stay here in the UAE?

2months and 3weeks... i go in may medical clinic to get my certification... because all my test was negative here in philippines... can you help me how? To apply again please😢

I think there is a lot of confusion in the previous posts.

To make it clear:

1) If you have already been tested and deported for TB scars in the UAE then forget about it.  You are in all probability banned permanently.  That ban is impossible to lift when you are not in the UAE or at least until the law changes
2) The above applies for new visas.  For old visas i.e. people renewing existing residency, they let you go through and put you on treatment for a year or so
3) The only exception for new visas is for dependent visas i.e. husband / wife or children who have had TB in the past.  They allow those on compassionate basis but there is a different application process for the same.  No exception for new work visas
4) A clearance certificate from your home country is useless as the results that will be considered will be for the tests done in the UAE only.  This only helps when there is doubt and if the results are duly attested by the UAE Embassy in home country.  To be very clear, this is in the case when you have never had TB but have lung scars due to other reasons.  If the lung scars are due to old TB, this clearance certificate won't help at all for new visas

But im so hopeless... if ever i go there again...

Rusmae07 wrote:

But im so hopeless... if ever i go there again...

Read what I wrote.

I am sorry to tell you that you won't go back to the UAE.  You were deported and the law is clear.  Try to find something else somewhere.  This is not the end of the road.

Please advise. How much is the process to get the ban for my sister listed. She does not have a scar nor has she ever had TB. I left Dubai for the Maldives and i dont have family to get it lifted for her there. How else can this be done?

As I said before, you need to engage a PRO / Lawyer to  take care of the formalities for you.  The cost will vary.   Chances of success are very difficult to predict as she was deported and banned so the responsibility will be on you to prove that it was a wrong decision - it will be an uphill battle, will be costly and not quick.

Hi! I read your situation. Same as mine. How did it go? I really need your answer. Im gonna go for a medical too and i have a scar in my lungs but i dont have tb.

Hi i have read your post. How was you medical? I have the same case as yours . I have already signed the contract. Aand i am going to have medical as well. Just wanna ask how did it go?

hello. the company hasn't advised me for a medical, but maybe soon as my visa will expire in 3 weeks. are you also here in the uae?

Same issue i have
Please check your personal Massage
And guide me about that

Stop sending personal messages to people.  I already responded to your personal message.  Your problem is with Oman and this is a thread for the UAE forum.

The regulations are clear:

With evidence of past TB; you are UNFIT to work in any GCC country as a new visa applicant.   And this is more or less a permanent ban.