Is it possible to catch HIV in Dubai with unprotected sex

Hi, I had unprotected sex in Dubai with a messuere that lasted for about 30 seconds. However she confirmed that she was clean of any such infections and got her visa 6 months back with normal screening from authorities. I'm still stressed with the fact that many customers might have had their way with her between that period. I'm freaked out what if there's viral disease that I caught ... any suggestions?

I wouldn't admit to the 30 seconds - I'd be more likely to claim 30 minutes, and there goes at getting value for money.

However, much as your encounter was brief, it's still enough to catch a whole variety of diseases including AIDS, but might also cover chlamydia, a nasty disease you'll probably never know you caught, but could make your wife, or future wife, sterile.

Sex is a numbers game - If you use a pro, there's a far greater chance of catching something than with other women.

Of course, the men that use pros tend to use other pros, so that increases the chance of disease being spread even more.

When you have sex with one pro, you have sexual contact with every customer before you, and every pro that lot have ever paid for sex.

If any of them are bisexual, that could include anal sex with men as well, all there tickling your penis with disease as you get inside the prostitute.

As for suggestions - go to a doctor, explain what you did with a prostitute, then pay for whatever tests he can think of.

If you're married and have had sex with your wife since, she needs to go to the doctor as well.


As Fred said, of course you are likely to catch a whole variety of things with unprotected sexual acts, such as (but not limited to): chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hpv etc etc.  What you should worry about is that the UAE medical only tests for stuff like HIV / Hep and Syphilis.........and none of the other items on the list.   For example, I can pretty much guarantee that you have HPV now (a large portion of the sexually active population has it - easily transmitted); it doesn't have an effect on you in most cases but depending on the strain, can cause cancer in women - and testing for it is not through blood but through a painful swab from inside your penis.

Also, be aware that most diseases like HIV or Syphilis have an incubation period i.e. a time period after which tests will show as positive.  So to be totally sure, as an example, you would have to test for HIV after 3-6 months from exposure date (or do an expensive PCR test now).

Depending on where you are based, you need to go and get tested for your peace of mind.   If in UAE, go to Zack medical center on main sheikh zayed.  This is a specialist clinic for these type of matters and as close to anonymous as you can get in UAE.  They have a doctor and whole panel of tests.

Ask for full STD testing wherever you go to make sure.  And in the future, refrain from unprotected sex if you can't handle the outcome :)

Lastly, to answer your original question, WHY would you assume that it is not possible to catch HIV in UAE?

1) Almost 100% pros here are NOT on visas that require medical testing e.g. work visas (if they are ever caught by police or get a disease, there is a massive impact on employer as authorities may hold them accountable as well - so no one risks permanent visas for them) - they come on visit visas, finish them, leave and then come back on new visit visas. So your pro 100% LIED about visa testing and it is quite common for them to do that for customers like you.  Use common sense and ask yourself this - WHY would a pro be accepting of sex without a condom if she cares about her health????  and especially if she knows that she will be tested AGAIN at visa renewal time?  The real answer is that basically she doesn't care, is here on a visit visa and thus, any statement from her about her health should be completely ignored
2) Not all of their clients are people who live here and have been tested. A large majority are visitors with a high proportion of business visitors i.e. guys who are open to fun times during the few days away from the family.....which is why such things are so easily available in Dubai....the main clientele is business visitors. Dubai has tons of visitors from all over the world and also from countries where HIV is an endemic problem
3) And rest assured, the cheaper the cost for the pro, the higher the likelihood that she gets a lot of business.  And equally high is the likelihood of hygiene and health concerns
4) Even if someone suspects they have HIV, they won't get tested in UAE because that means deportation and ban.  But they will in all likelihood continue with their habits that got them to this stage INSIDE the UAE with pros or their wives / girlfriends

So it is entirely possible.  AND there are cases every year when some resident or another gets deported after contracting HIV from a pro.  The newspapers take quite a lot of interest in covering them.

Yes or no but the possibility is very, very high. Good luck!

d_morgan wrote:

Yes or no but the possibility is very, very high. Good luck!

Good luck is a nice thing to say, but the reality is his luck is already bad, and it's of his own making.
The problem with using pros is always the same, your risk of disease is increased way too much to make such activity an even slightly good idea.
I would wish his experience to be one of worry about disease and death rather than actual disease and  death, but also an educational moment so he doesn't get that stupid again.

@Fred your response was honest, kind, and informative considering what the internet could've answered 1f609.svg

@Bountyshab - hey man .. did you pass your test ? im in kind of similiar situation and a miserable state of mind.

@rafemjb even if you catch HIV the blood test is not going to reveal it immediately, it takes at least 90 days to be detected in blood test

30 sec or 3 sec or 3 hours, unfortunately doesn't matter

you should go to doctor and check everything