Waiting for my medical follow-up results

Hello everyone,

Need your advise and opinion...

My wife did the 2nd follow-up test in muhaisnah medical center on Thursday 9-02-2023.... and still waiting for the results.

I chat on the support they advised me to visit the hospital and ask them... when I called the hospital they told me to wait for the results it will be uploaded when its done.. and it is with the hospital commetee now.

I am bit worried because its almost 8 days now.

Could someone advise me what to do ?


Absolutely nothing you can do except wait.

So no need to visit the hospital and ask them in person ??

Just wait

I went in person . In fact, even after my fitness test, I did not wait to be told the result, I just checked Fitness test results in the the DHA app regularly until I saw the status change to Follow-up. Then I went straight to the medical center early morning.

There was a LOT of waiting around as they had just one Dr. But once I was called she asked me a few questions (is this your first time in Dubai, did you exit the country etc etc). Then she told me they found scarring on my lungs and asked if I had symptoms like coughing. She said, so you didn't have TB? I said no, but I had COVID .

Then she said, yes COVID would definitely cause this type of scarring and said , no problem. Everything is OK then. I will get the fitness result in a week.

I received the fitness pass result by that evening.

For your peace of mind I would just go there. It is far, but you need to know and they will check your file once your there in front of them.


I went thru the process last month.

It was fine for me.



Firstly, for blood test plsase don't get panic like me. I was in the same condition. In nutshell, got a job here in Dubai, went for medical and then follow up for blood test in same Al munsiah…. they said me to be calm and composed as most of the time infact 99.9% of the time, these candidates remain fit. They get followup mostly because of inconclusive result due to n number of reasons including technical issue, technical issue, less quantity of sample etc. It takes 4 working days to get the result and I know at this time we start questioning ourselves unnecessarily. However, believe me its a normal process. There will be so many people with same issue at the centre. So Stop being stressed unless you have any pre medical history. If you were fit in your country, you will definitely be fit here. I got fit certificate as well. All the best & Take care. :)