Hiv test in uae please help


please help me , i made hiv test with zack clinic and i got negative, but i'm scared (  Is it reliable and reliable, and I can continue my life )

anyone know another lab without id and it's better zack pls send it for me .

Is it reliable and reliable, and I can continue my life

please help me

if ur not sure get it checked from one more clinic

I don't know who make test without id

then go to ur home country do the test and come back, i know u might need to spend money in air ticket but nothing is precious or important than ur health

Hello hamooooooog,

Perhaps use your passport if you do not have an id with you?1f914.svg

I did the test with him two time and I got negative, just I need to make sure they are accurate and eligible, they send the blood to lab in Dubai

@hamooooooog what kind of test did you made from the lab test. Because theres a lot of kind of a test if you wanted to make it sure..There is a STD Profile 2,STD3 And STD4..

I mean people, seriously?

Zack is a medical center in uae. They are subject to MOH guidelines and so are the labs that they send the test to. Its accurate and reliable if you did the test within the recommended time, post exposure.  This means that if you did the test the next day, yeah, maybe it won't be reliable but then again, it won't be, anywhere in the world.

Maybe next time, refrain from risky behavior and save yourself the anxiety?  Just a thought

No, it is the first and last relationship, but it is not protected, and 6 months ago, I did an HIV test in Zack's clinic without an ID, but I read that it is not reliable, so I ask you

Note that the examination is after 6 months

@Jean Marin std4 after 6 months, I'm ask about zack it's eligible, because they sent the blood to al abbar lab in Dubai and i got negative

Read above what I wrote about reliability.

@hamooooooog hi bro did u find other any lab or clinic for hiv test