Discover Dubai

discover Dubai
Updated 2021-11-11 13:19

The UAE is a country with close to 9 million expats — and this alone says a lot. Dubai is the country's most popular emirate and the number one destination when it comes to travel, business and career-building. Over just a handful of years, Dubai has grown from a village in the desert to a modern city that frequently hosts prime events like the Formula 1 championship.

A little bit of geography

The United Arab Emirates is located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, at the entrance of the Persian Gulf and consists of seven emirates. These are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Ras al Khaimah and Fujairah. Abu Dhabi, the capital city, is the largest among all the emirates. However, Dubai remains the most popular destination in the country. Dubai stretches over an area of 3,885 square kilometres and lies directly within the Arabian Desert.

The climate

Dubai is without any doubt the perfect place to be for sunshine lovers. Blue skies, little rain and year-round sunshine describe the city and the country as a whole. The United Arab Emirates has a desert climate with two seasons only: summer and winter. Summer starts in May and lasts until September. Daytime temperatures range from 39°C to 42°C (101 to 107°F). Summer is marked with hot and humid weather. It is perhaps the hardest time of the year. Luckily, buildings are air-conditioned; however, uncovered parts of the body can get heatstroke. You are therefore advised to protect your skin from the sun and drink as much water as possible. Sand storms make it more difficult as the wind brings hot sand from the desert.

Winter is a very popular season. The best time to visit Dubai is between October and April. The weather is mild, and the Gulf is perfect for swimming. Expect temperatures to range between 27°C and 28°C throughout the day, but at night it can go as low as 12°C. Around ten rainy days, you can observe during the winter season. Foggy weather usually occurs, especially in the morning. The fog slightly disrupts road traffic, but it disappears once it starts becoming warm.

Wildlife and landscapes

Dubai is home to some organisations like the Dubai Desert Conservation which are dedicated to protecting the desert flora and fauna. You can, therefore, enjoy wildlife drives, camping, BBQ and desert dinners there. Further away, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary has one of the world's few protected areas with many migratory birds. Winter is the best time to visit pink flamingos there.

You can also find a lot of resorts in Dubai. These attract a lot of tourists all year round. However, winter is the best time to enjoy these as summer is scorching. Dubai is not only about sand. The city can also boast of its impressive green spaces. More and more parks are appearing in the city, like small oases in the middle of the desert, and are offering a lot of activities to the residents. Most of these parks are free of charge, and you can have a small picnic, gather with friends or just rent a bike to explore them.

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