Old tb scar

I hav old tb scar can I get employment visa?? If not can my husband sponsor me if he sponsor me can I work there??? My medical wil be done even if I get medically unfit due to the scar can I work?

I have answered this dozens of times.  Stop being lazy and browse the threads on the forum.

The simple answer is:  If marked UNFIT, you cannot get a work visa.  Your husband CAN sponsor you on a dependent visa.  NO you cannot work on a dependent visa as that is is illegal.  So simply, forget about working in the UAE if UNFIT.

@XTang Hi - If I understand you correctly anyone who is sponsored by his/her spouse and is applying for dependent (spouse) visa, will not be deported despite having TB history and will be given residence visa. Am I correct?

thank you!


But they can't work or get a work visa in the UAE.  I was responding to people above who think this way is a loop hole to work.

@XTang I  was only concerned for dependent (spouse) visa, since it was difficult to check online whether a dependent visa will be issued to those who had TB history/lung scar.

Thank you very much. Much appreciated!!!

Have a great day.

@XTang please respect my question sir, I was diagnosed to have a latent tb last June 2023 here in UAE, and I'm still taking medicine last for 3 months,the doctor and the preventive medical center give me all the medical papers as well, now I got a new job in different company and they want me to resign soon. My question is will they still accept me if they found that I have a lung scar after my medical or they will send me back to my country? Please enlighten me, and hoping for your reply, thank you


Normally a BIG NO.............. you will be medically unfit even on husband or company sponsorship. Contact *** he has the solutions.

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@XTang please respect my question sir, I was diagnosed to have a latent tb last June 2023 here in UAE, and I'm still taking medicine last for 3 months,the doctor and the preventive medical center give me all the medical papers as well, now I got a new job in different company and they want me to resign soon. My question is will they still accept me if they found that I have a lung scar after my medical or they will send me back to my country? Please enlighten me, and hoping for your reply, thank you
-@KA Ra97

Scar, no. If its old visa, then no issue.

@KA Ra97

Hi I would like to know how was your treatment because my nanny got TB recently she is planing to go to her home country and do the treatment. But I just like to know how was your treatment and what are the procedure for that if in case if it's better I'll ask her to do it here. Pllzz give a answer.  Thanks

@Mel Nick Do it here. Living UAE for more than 6 mos is not a good move.  She will be categorized as new application after 6 mos, then here medical will medically unfit if there is scar. If her lung no scar. No issue.

@Ml Gaming

Hi thanks for reply. But need to know how is the treatment done dose she has to stay in the hospital or she need to visit doctor time to time. Another issue is I'm having 2 kids 4 years and another 5 months so I'm just worried about them as well . We got the results my nany positive with Pneumonia as well but doctor said 90% she has TB as well after 3 days we will get the results of TB she has the scarbits a big one as per the doctor. So I'm just thinking if she do treatment here she might go through some mentally problem as well. Anyways if you know how they treat for this leme know . Thanks

Active TB you stay in hospital due to risk of infection. When that finishes, you go home and do follow ups.

Past TB, stay at home and do follow ups.

@Mel Nick As per my search on google here in Uae if you have active TB they quarantine you for 1 mo. They had to ensure that you will not infect others. If your doctor give you medicine. Make sure to take it, in right time and in right dosage. When you did not follow the doctors prescription. Your TB or the bacteria might not die on your system. They will be coming immune into the medicine.  So, the right thing to do is follow the  doctor prescription. If take medicine empty stomach take it in empty stomach. If the doctor says. Take it every 8 hours. Then take it every 8 hours. It happens to me. I did not take my medicine in time. The TB bacteria got evolve. One spot only. The. Got 3 scar because I did not take it right. Fortunately I got rid of the bacteria on my body. Worst case is they got immune to the medicine you are taking. Hope you understand. If you have positive in sputum the bacteria is transferable. If sputum negative non- transferable. That's what I know. Any one can correct.

TB is one of the diseases which researchers worry about because they are seeing antibiotic resistance in bacteria all over the world.   So it is absolutely important that you take your course as prescribed otherwise, you will not be cured.  Yes sputum is to test for active TB and if it is positive then it means that you can transmit TB via coughing, saliva etc.

Hospital / no hopsital is as explained above by MI Gaming and by me previously.

Thank for you guys @MI gaming and @xtang

Actually it's my nanny who got this issue we planned to send her to her county since I have small babies ill not able to handle this issue. Another thing is one she is gone need to test our selves and babies so atlest if there is somthing we can prepare.  Cus as per the doc she is with us more than 8 months so probably we might get it also . I'm just worried about our babies. Anyways thanks for ur answers guys ..

I also got medical unfit report and after eye scan i returned to home country. Now i am plaining to hire a good lawyer for my case. Please advise if i can get success and able to remove ban due to medical unfit report. My medical was unfit due to old TB scars.

@Fahad Ahmed60

Actually in my nanny case she already has visa for 1 year. Today we got confirmation for TB so she went to sharjha preventive medicine unit tomorrow she has to admit.  All the medicin done by the hospital. But I'm just worried how will be the hospital hope they will trat better.  But in your case why did they deport you?

TB, old visa, treatment.  TB, new visa, deportation.  I have explained this many times.

@XTang my recent medical report, which states, "Normal thoracic cage and soft tissue shadow is seen." I would appreciate your professional guidance on whether this finding might affect my UAE visa application process.

If you read my previous posts, you will realize that no one can answer that question. It is up to MOH doctors as to how they diagnose that.

My short response since your result is normal - have peace of mind!


Hi bro ..I want one clarification...My wife just got one year conditional visa on my sponsorship visa and she got from from bank....so we have told employment service we want labour contract only...so they told to provideNoc from hubby and Emirates I'd and rest nothing related to medical..

My wife at time of Medical was came Fit Follow up.

So will she get labour contract...pls help

Let the employer try and see.  When they apply for work permit, it will tell them if medical is required or not.


But want ur views if that can go through.

Just worried bcoz that's good opportunity for wife..

How can I tell you that without knowing anything about the situation.  In most cases, it doesn't go through. Sometimes it does. No way to know without trying.

@XTang ok Bro Tnx waiting for positive result..But want to tell u as I enquired with lot of Pro and AMER services they said they give relative work permit ..there is no medical neede or docs required...so with ur words I m slightly worried and confused so asking again and again...

Just wait and see.  Hopefully it will work out.


hi, can you tell me the procedure how did your wife got one year visa?

As i also want to join my husband in dubai and i have a history of tb.


@XTang Hi bro...status is application processed successfully yet and yesterday around 11 am it was status ...transaction printed successfully kindly proceed for payment to complete procedures and after 2 hours again it came application processed successfully what does that mean in Mohre....pls help

@XTang i came dubai recently and was sent back due to old tb scar but no eyescan or fingerprints were taken at the medical centre at the time of application withdrawal.

But I was sent to immigration officer at for exit stamp on airport

am i able to come again on visit visa?

Strange.  Well they still have your passport number.

@Laiba shaikh dear if u think you can fool the authorities here then change your mind, it is a risky game u might get permanently banned if you try to act smart

@Laiba shaikh coming on vist visa is never a problem even if u have TB scar because there is no medical test, but once its found out u have a TB scar and have been deported before,  then it is not easy to come back even on visit visa

@Friends4ever86 that's what i want i am asking am i permantely banned because what i've been informed is i can come on dependent visa but can never work

@Laiba shaikh

If you are medically unfit (Old TB) in UAE. you can always come back on dependent visa. There are different visa for which they allow medically unfit person to live in UAE.

  1. Students are allowed
  2. Dependent Visa
  3. Investor ( more than 1million AED)
  4. Govt officials/ diplomates

@Laiba shaikh

Its really painful thing to exit after getting job in UAE. But there are number of lawyers who claim to remove your ban and in the end just eats out all your money.

@Fahad Ahmed60 I am very interested in knowing how will Lawyer will be able to help on this case??? never heard this before


I just heard that you case can be put on the basis of fresh medical reports which obviously claims to be fit. Rest any lawyer here can advise about it.

@XTang Do uae share data with other GCC countries like KSA.

Is there any chance if you've been diagnosed as old TB you will face issues in KSA or QATAR also.

Every country will do their own medical.  So no, they don't need to share.

BUT be aware that if they diagnosed you as having Old TB, it's because they saw something in the X-ray.  X-ray scars are very distinctive for TB.  So I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting through in any other GCC countries - just saying it so you manage your time, cost and expectations accordingly.