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Hi Everyone! I am new to this Blog, I hope someone could help me out here.

I am a medical technologist, for 2 years here in the Philippines. I've been considering to go and work at UAE, particularly at Abu Dhabi or Dubai. But first what I have heard, I need to take the HAAD or DHA exam since most employers and agencies require it. I am already an ASCP Certified Passer since 2012. But it hasn't been much of a help. Although what I have discovered in my own research that ASCP license can be used in replacement for DHA or HAAD license, I don't know the process of converting it. But I am most eager to take the HAAD exam.

Could anyone please help me out regarding the application for both exams(HAAD and DHA) because according to their website, application for HAAD and DHA exam has been changed and shifted to a little bit more complicated than before(which includes DATAFLOW PROCESS, which I am not inclined to understand yet). Thank you and God bless.

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Hello Happiness,

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Hello limlee07,

The process is quite lengthy I must confess. Navigate through the site for HAAD and send me an inbox where you have some difficulties https://www.haad.ae/HAAD/tabid/927/Default.aspx

I think I will be able to assist a bit if not much


Dear  can  assist  you  in  the  name  of  humanity  .



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I'm new to dis blog, pls can any one assist me on how to start my data flow process with HAAD as a midwife, am registered and licenced from my home country Nigeria. And I have 6 years working experience as a midwife, I wish to work nd live in UAE. Pls any assistance will be mostly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi everyone! I have been offered a new job at cleavland clinic Abu Dhabi in March. I pass through my dataflow applications, just waiting my HAAD process. My question is the agency didn't give a start date yet, does anyone know how to contact HR at cleavland clinic my contact says pipeline which means I have to wait. Pls help.

hi call this number ++++ and ask theme to link you with the person who give you the job offer or the one you did the interview.

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Hello can anyone help me with my ASCP to HAAD conversion? thanks.

Hello! How was your conversion going?

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