How to develop a social network in Abu Dhabi

Developing your social circle in Abu Dhabi
Updated 2021-11-10 10:45

Expats in Abu Dhabi can establish a social network through various ways such as joining expat groups online and offline, attending poetry nights or art fairs, joining various interest groups or volunteering for different causes. The expat community in the capital is thriving, and for those searching for the perfect work-life balance, networking with fellow expats is for you.

Join a group online

A lot of online groups are available for residents to get together connected by common interests. For example, there are groups for expat moms, expat women and groups for Indian expats, etc. Through there, members organise coffee mornings or get together, and it is a great way to socialise with fellow expats.

Take up a sport

There are various sports facilities in the city, and they organise events or sports sessions that anyone can participate in. By joining, expats can make friends with like-minded sportspeople.

Join a fitness group

For those who are into fitness and sports, groups depending on your interest organise events. A lot of expats make friends here while engaging in sports and fitness routines.

Attend a poetry session with fellow writers

If you are more of the literary type, there are Abu Dhabi poets that get-together in cafes and restaurants to share their work. Here, you can make friends with group members over a cup of coffee or even a meal.

Go to an art fair

Artsy types usually get together in art fairs or exhibits. There are different activities to participate in, and it also is an excellent opportunity for networking.

Join workshops or networking events

Leadership workshops or networking events to further hone your skills as a professional are available all year round. These workshops have networking sessions where you can meet different people and ultimately make friends with.

Attend free fairs organised by expats

During the Christmas season, there are a lot of Christmas fairs around the city. A lot of expats frequent such events, and you can mingle with them and make friends while you adjust to Abu Dhabi expat life.

Make friends and socialise at your workplace

The easiest way to make new friends is to socialise at your workplace. Very, your fellow workmates are also expats like you. Take time to get to know them and find people who will get along with you easily. This way, you get to make friends and even build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Be kind to your neighbours

Neighbours are also a great start to making friends as an expat in Abu Dhabi. After all, you are going to be seeing them a lot. Whether you live in a building or a villa, making friends with your neighbours will make your life a lot easier, especially when you feel like entertaining friends at your home or maybe even ask for small favours while you are gone.

Say yes to opportunities that will make you meet new people

Lastly, always be open to opportunities to make new friends. Go out and mingle with fellow expats and locals instead of keeping to yourself. Abu Dhabi is a great place to make friends with people of different nationalities. This will open your mind and will make your expat life a lot more interesting.

Below are some popular networking websites in Abu Dhabi:

Canadian Expat Clubs

The Canadian Expat Association is internationally known and provides support and networking for Canadians all around the world and in Abu Dhabi. (Abu Dhabi forum)

This website for expats has a forum and organises coffee mornings, meetups and networking opportunities for expat women in Abu Dhabi (and the rest of Emirates).

British Expats

It is a website for British citizens who are looking to be expats in Abu Dhabi. A useful forum is also featured on their website where people can interact with each other as well as other resources.

St. David's Society Abu Dhabi

This is a Welsh society that provides information, support and fundraising for Welsh expats. A membership fee of 100 AED is required and gets you discounts to different stores in the city. Currently, there are more than 200 members. Non-Welsh expats are also welcome.

Americans in Abu Dhabi

This is a group of American expats that meet up every Thursday of every month. There are more or less 100 members currently.

American Women's Network (AWN)

Active since 1994, this group provides social events, resources and activities for American women to adjust to expat life in Abu Dhabi. Membership is free.

Australians Abroad

This is a website for Aussie expats in the capital that provides resources, guides and networking opportunities.

Useful links:

Canadian Expats Association

British expats Abu Dhabi

St. David's Society Abu Dhabi

Americans in the UAE

American Women's Network

Australians Abroad

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