May i know what are the new rules in dubai this 2021? Regarding with the lung scar? Still have deportation or banning for those applying for new visa and renewal? Thank you.

Lung scar ?

Sorry I can't help.
I'm not familiar with immigration rules.


New visa same.  Renewal, not an issue as such.

I have this issue but I cancel Visa in 2014

So you are classified as a new visa applicant.

How about visa renewal? I have lung scar due to ptb 8 years ago but wayback 2018 i applied here in UAE thru visit visa and i got I job but my scar was not an issue when my compny give me visa. This coming December i need to renew my visa and im afraid what if they see my lung scar? Am i be deported or ban? Thanks

Your question has already been answered above.  Read the whole thread carefully.

Xtang please enlighten me, if i find another job my current compny will cancel my visa. So diffrenet company means new visa application right? My question is am i categorize as a new visa applicant even im inside UAE for three years. If my medical in my new compny shows lung scar is it possible that ill get unfit or they consider that im here in UAE before and there law about giving a fitness certificate may applies to me? Thank you

Within 6 months of visa cancellation, it is considered an old visa.

hi luffy taro, any update on your case? thanks


What no? r u luffytaro madam anabel?

Still waiting for my 1 month notice from my current company, i will update u guys once i finished my visa medical for my new company. Probably mid of December

ok luffytaro, goodluck on your case..

Hi Luftaro, what happened to your medical?

Still waiting for the result

just text me on my whatsapp

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Please help me, my husband has a scar on his lungs and we want to apply for spouse visa, is there any chance that he can pass the medical and they will give visa for him?

Spouse visa yes, work visa no

XTang, Thank you,  Hopefully we can get visa for him next month.

Hello, I am hoping someone can assist me. My husband is applying for me to join him in Saudi Arabia, I did a medical I was exposed to Tuberculosis. I did a tb skin test it is positive however my chest X-ray is normal. I don't have tb Will this be an issue with my medical. ? And visa issuance
They rely on chest x-ray.  Skin test is only done if chest x-ray is abnormal.
Hi xtang how are you.
I have sane situation here I give test on 31 mar 22 after 5 day's I received email from company I have to visit Al muhisnah block 7. Today I went there they take my documents because I'm working here last 7 year's I cancel my Visa on 11 Jan 22 .
Nurse bring me to other room check my weight and tell me to wait outside.
After they bring me in one room there is female doctor consultant asked few questions I have TB before and obviously I Never had TB I say no then she asked any medical history I say no then she asked you have COVID before then my answer yes I have last year December 21 .
I asked doctor what's a problem then she telling me there is small scar at my lungs but don't worry . They not asked any test or anything just tell after 2 day's will update ur HR department .

Could you have any idea what h
Wait and see.  Difficult to say what happens now.

@hassanakbarkhan hi same situation with you any update of your case? which emirates you done your medical? thank you for your response

@XTang thanks for taking the time out to share your knowledge with us.

@hassanakbarkhan bro any update on your issue

Please any one can reply me. I got job in airport electrical supervisor by third party company.i have a dought in medical hepatitis b test will be conducted or not
What does "fit - follow up" mean I got that after my medical follow up  at al muhaisinah medical center
Means you are marked conditionally fit and will have to go to medical center for treatment every 6 months or so.  Ask them.

@XTang  thanks for the info 👍🏼

@XTang  I have old scar in lungs I checked 3 years before did I get my medical fit in Dubai

This has been answered before.  Read the thread.
Can you let us if you were cleared after 2 days
Hi can i ask, because im notice period is on going and will end next month so i am shifting to a new company and i had cancellation. So if they saw my scar they will unfit me?
Currently r u in employment visa or visit visa?
Im on a cancellation now

@hassanakbarkhan  same problem with me I am still waiting for my report

@sajidaliansari394 did you get your result?