CID approval

I got offer letter from hotel in uae.right now I’m on husband visa.they required documents for CID approval what is this CID approval? How long does it take to get the approval? What are the criterias checked for CID approval?

It's basically a security clearance / check which is followed by government employers and / or major companies in AD.  CID is Criminal Investigation Department.

And as such there is no criteria published openly for this. 

It depends if it is security check or also HR authority check (used to be called Tatween council).  Depending on this, it can take anywhere from a month to 3 months.  In some cases, it can take up to six months.   And yes, rejections also happen, in which case, employers withdraw offers.

The best advice that I can give you is, DO NOT resign from your current job until you get the visa in your hand.

I got offer from SEHA a government hospital, they will do also CID clearance for nurses... what are they going to check or look after?

The CID approval is principally the MOI's internal security check and covers your seven-year history  in the country.The process takes four weeks for junior and mid-career positions ;however for more responsible positions, this can take up to three months. Note that the decision of the government and CID is not open to discussion and they will not tell people the reason for their rejection. They do not accept appeals, but applicants can reapply in six months’ time if they are certain there was not a valid reason for the rejection. However, this is again without guarantee of acceptance and the application must be made via an employer with a valid offer of employment.

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