CID approval

I got offer letter from hotel in uae.right now I'm on husband visa.they required documents for CID approval what is this CID approval? How long does it take to get the approval? What are the criterias checked for CID approval?

It's basically a security clearance / check which is followed by government employers and / or major companies in AD.  CID is Criminal Investigation Department.

And as such there is no criteria published openly for this. 

It depends if it is security check or also HR authority check (used to be called Tatween council).  Depending on this, it can take anywhere from a month to 3 months.  In some cases, it can take up to six months.   And yes, rejections also happen, in which case, employers withdraw offers.

The best advice that I can give you is, DO NOT resign from your current job until you get the visa in your hand.

I got offer from SEHA a government hospital, they will do also CID clearance for nurses... what are they going to check or look after?

The CID approval is principally the MOI's internal security check and covers your seven-year history  in the country.The process takes four weeks for junior and mid-career positions ;however for more responsible positions, this can take up to three months. Note that the decision of the government and CID is not open to discussion and they will not tell people the reason for their rejection. They do not accept appeals, but applicants can reapply in six months' time if they are certain there was not a valid reason for the rejection. However, this is again without guarantee of acceptance and the application must be made via an employer with a valid offer of employment.

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Hello Everyone,
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How Long it's been taking for CID Clearance in the recent months.As per recruitment team My documents are submitted on may22nd.

Thank you.

Please Update while you recieved CID clearance.

Same Situation Here, applied on 22nd May.Still Not recieved.

Waiting For it.


Hello All ,

Still I haven't received  CID clearance.Currently I am on husband visa which is going to be expire on 15th of next month.I am really very worried and confused  what to do whether to renew the visa or not.Because after getting CID clearance i need to cancel husband visa.

Looking forward for your guidance.

Thank you.

It takes a long time.  My suggestion would be to renew visa - at worst, you are out of pocket for the cost.

Thank you sir for your guidance.

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I was received Security Clearance in 40 Days


hi. I would like to ask if how many days you get your CID approval?


He has already commented above quite clearly i.e. 40 days.

It takes for me 40 days

I've been waiting since 27th May for my security clearance with ADNOC, and still no news. Anyone else been waiting that long?

i have submitted for security clearance on long it will take

I want to know about time limit of investigation of any person who was taken to CID office from his office place without knowing to his family or anyone else .I don't digest such type of rule due to which his family is in so much tension.
Plz tell me anyone how much time this office take for investigation of person who is taken for investigation relayed to his boss

Absolutely no way to predict.   One person I know, was missing for months before they even gave confirmation that he was with CID.

Allah help us we are in so much trouble. There is no way that he call to his wife or he meet us for one time only. I m so much worried plz tell me if there is any way of contacting my husband. Its very tough time for me Nd my kids.
Thanks a lot for replying

Try to find people with connections in Government.  And keep following up.   There is absolutely no standard process for this.

Ok we are trying a lot . But still helpless .no contact with him

hi am shafiq from Uganda, was deported because of overstay and I applied to immigration for security approval..latter i was told my application is with CID department..but it has took long under CID section..its neither approved nor rejected ..I dont know what exactly i can do.

Respected sir  i have apply job for taxi driver in AL-GAZAL TAXI COMPANY ABU DHABI. I have pass the interview in company but cid approvle is rejected . Can you tell me what reason you are rejected me . I am the first time come in U.A.E .
Name :Ikram ***

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My approval is chek massar company

@XTang do you know if the status of security clearance can be checked online?

@ikramjadoon661 hello plz share your number

I got reject from fellowship program due CID clearance any other way can provide me
Hi sir now algahzal transport apply for my cid approval from 22/5/2022 and still until now not come approval i want ask how many will take thank you for all and ask how can i check on line for cid approval

@shafiqlubegam how many day take cid please

@ikramjadoon661 hi ikram how many day take This cid

@ikramjadoon661 hi ikram how many day take This cid

@nooralhassan123 after how many days you got rejct


I also got rejected, DOH licence refused due to security
Plz share your number

Hello sir,

Please guide in how many months you get CID approval.

Please guide,

Hi members,
I wanted to know the procedure about C.I.D rejected ,my wife who is clinical psychologist and her license (D.O.H) is rejected two times from CID  . She is on my my visa. She doesn't have any crime history.
Please guide me regarding any solution for this problem.
Contact number: ***
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There is no solution except to re-apply.   The only other way is that if you know very senior people in Government who can check and find out what the issue is (not solve it but find out if there is a case of mistaken identity).
@Muhammad Khan19
Did you get thorough?
I'm facing the same problem with DOH.
Can anyone please guide me if he or she has any advice for clearance of this issue.
Rejected 4 times already.
Dont know where to start now.
How will we know if you are rejected by the cid? Because for my cid application it is now currently 2 months now.

sir i have apply job for taxi driver in Cars Taxi COMPANY in ABU DHABI. I have pass the interview in company but cid approvle is rejected . Can you tell me what reason you are rejected me . I am the first time come in U.A.E .I dnt have any criminal history.