Nursing in Abu Dhabi

Hello everybody,

I have received a job offer as a junior nurse in an Abu Dhabi hospital. A few of my colleagues have gone on to work in the UAE and have said that they are enjoying it. I just wanted to know whether the agency are giving me a fair offer. The pay is around 15000 dirham a month with accommodation paid for. I thought that was very reasonable considering I earn less than half that in the UK, but from looking at other threads I'm not sure if it's enough to live and save some money.

I also wanted to know what nursing is like in AD. It seems like there is a high reliance on foreign nurses, which I would say is also accurate of the NHS, but my colleagues have said some unit's are solely staffed by foreign nurses. I have been to Saudi, and they seem to have a very declasse attitude towards nurses. I don't really want to go to a country where my profession isn't appreciated, even my former colleagues can't seem to give me a straight answer about this.

Cheers for any help

it is a fair offer and lot of professionals are working here where they have good respect. cheers

Hi! Where did you send your Cv? Thanks

Good offer

Im heading out this week to nurse. So id be interested to hear what people have to stay with regards nursing in UAE. Every one Ive spoke to seems to have no negatives with regards their jobs out there. Where was your job offer??

Hi dear, Its a very good job offer from abudhabi nursing services for a junior nurse.
i would say if i am in your place, i will just grab the offer.
Abudhabi is a nice place for anyone to work and for nursing, of course a great place
I am a senior nursing professional from abudhabi and i have also worked in NHS uk.

All the best


Did you take the job offer in Dubai?

How did you find working / living over there?

Any help would be appreciated.

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