Doctors salary packages.

Hi we are looking to relocate to the UAE from the UK. We both are physicians . I am a amily practitioner ( GP) and DH is a Consultant in Emerg medicine.
What is the basic salary for a consultant emerg med in the UAE and is it possible to get a decent education allowance for the children as schooling seems extremely expensive?  What is deemed a good package including housing and education allowance in the UAE for docs?
Any helpful replies would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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hi, well it depends where you gonna work, gov or pri, but normally doctors get good packages

I'v known doctors to be earning in a company with different salary packages. I guess it depends where you are from, as I've seen some working at 16K AED in total, while there are those who earn as much as 45K AED monthly. I've known a few earning more than 50K AED a month. And they all worked in the same hospital.

An apartment with three rooms can cost as much as 12-20K monthly, food and fuel is for sure cheap for a doctor, so to speak. As far as I know, there are companies that include education expenses for their employee's children.

I hope that helps.

Thank you Gonzule , that was useful. After much research , like you said no benchmark as such.Loved Abu Dhabi though as just back from a visit ..just to get a feel of the place n people.

You are most welcome.

I used to work as PRO in Abu Dhabi. :-)

HERE IN DUBAI GOT OFFER OF 18000 AED/month  plus 4500 accomodation.
but after specialist lisence it will go increase to 23 and 6.


i m dr muhammad ejaz  general practitioner
nowadays doing locum in saudi arabia but planning to move to dubai,got offer of 23000 AED plus 6000 AED .
and my wife also doctor she is mbbs gp/gynae.
they giving both of us good oppertunity here in UAE.
u ll get more good opertunity if ur from UK
...because i m searching jobs day by day..wana shift there

u can email me ur resumes/husband resumes
on drejaz\bangash[at]

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I want to settle down in abu dhabi as a medical will somebody help in in learning basics in this city..i want to know how much i have to pay for living and all other monthly expenses.
I am now single and will be staying alone for few months,but later i want to know about the expenses with my wife also.but probably she will also be a doctor,so that will be not an issue.

Hi am a general practitioners from india planning to move to Dubai.have cleared my dha licensing exam.can anybody please tell me what are the package I will be getting/ should look for? Can anybody help me please.

i would be grateful if are able to help me

I am a UK qualifiedMBBS doctor and have worked 5 years now as a doctor
I have completed GP training now
would you be able to guide me on how i can relocate to dubai and get job as doctor??
i have applied for dha license at moment
thank you

docsjan :

i would be grateful if are able to help me

I am a UK qualifiedMBBS doctor and have worked 5 years now as a doctor
I have completed GP training now
would you be able to guide me on how i can relocate to dubai and get job as doctor??
i have applied for dha license at moment
thank you

Dear Docsjan
GPs in UAE are not paid as well as in the UK unless you get a job with a British / American company who wants you to look after its employees - then you can expect to earn as much as a locum GP would earn in the UK. Or else you will be competing with 'GPs' from the subcontinent and your salary will hardly equal that you earned in your final year of training. (with twice as expensive accomodation!!!)

Think carefully, bargain hard

hi much do Indian specialist doctors(dm/dnb ) get paid in uae..

I am a recruiter based in Vancouver, Canada.  We help hospitals / healthcare institutions fill their requirements for foreign employees (North American Experienced candidates specifically), whether they are medical or non-medical positions. 

We recently received an inquiry from a hospital in Abu Dhabi looking to hire a CFO and a CIO.  I would appreciate information that revolve around the compensation package for each of the position.  Salaries, bonuses, vacation, health benefits and other expat benefits provided for positions of this level.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Many, many thanks!

m an ophthalmologist. Completed my masters in ophthalmology from india in 2013, Got 2 Years of exp in india in govt. Presently undergoin fellowship in comprehensive/general Ophthalmology in chennai. I wanna know d proSpects of ophthalmologist jobs in dubai. Can anyone guide plz

dr ejaz can u please tell ur email address? or email at ++++

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good place to work in abu dhabi


Hello dear, i have more than 18 months USA experience, i am interested, i ad passed HAAD exam for abu dhabi

What job at you looking at and where?

Assalaamu Alaykum,
I am an internal medicine doctor who has done primary care as well as now doing hospitalist. I am looking for jobs in makkah where my parents live. Can anyone help me out. I am from USA

Please salary for a nigerian registered nurse/midwife in Abu dhabi

Sir could u please me brief me on what books i have to  read to pass haad for general practitioner. R there any online courses that are helpful..

Hi hashiya...
  If you can read usmle step 2ck once,you can appear for haad with confidence.. also there are fb groups who post recent quations and also discuss their recent haad experience...that will surely help u out..

Thank u  so much dr muneer for your prompt reply...i did search in fb for any groups but didnt find any.if ever u know some groups like dat do lemme know..are there any topics which we have to focus particularly on...

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