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Hello, I'm an American considering a position with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, looking for any information regarding their salary package.  I won't be interviewing for a few weeks, and would rather know a ballpark range before I do so.  I do realize that salaries vary greatly based upon specialty and experience;  if it helps, I am quite experienced, and my specialty falls about in the middle range (somewhere between family practice and spinal surgery  ;) )  I'm also looking at two opportunities in Dubai, and would appreciate any insights anyone may have about living and working in Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi.  Thanks in advance for your help!

I have seen few of their packages to the experienced physicians. It's one of the best package in this part of the world.

There is always a scope for negotiation, if you are not happy with the package.

Thank you for the information.  I have heard that the salary is competitive, but wish I knew more specifics...  I would far rather live in Dubai than Abu Dhabi so am wondering which hospital pays more.  I don't mean to sound greedy, it's just a big decision.

Dubai will be more enjoyable to live at for you as a western. Usually salaries are higher in Abu Dhabi than the rest of the emirates, and CCAD will give you more exposure in terms of the physicians you work with and the medical equipment you will have access to. It will look better on your resume.

Some expats used to work in Abu Dhabi and live in Dubai, since its 60-90 mins drive (depenping on where you live and where you get off at). However, since last year if you work for 100% owned government entities and dont provide a valid proof that you live in Abu Dhabi you lose the housing allowance which can be up to 40% of the total package.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, that is very helpful. … abu-dhabi/

betsyUSA wrote:

Thank you, that is very helpful.

Dear Betsy
Did you get the job? Are you happy with it? I am looking to move from the UK as well, so would be interesting to know your experience.

Hi betsy I am also searching for family physician job in Dubai I was wondering if you had any luck with finding a good salary package I would love to find some info thank you so much


I came across your post on the forum. I'm a locum GP in the UK, looking to work in the UAE. Did you manage to make the move? Any advice? What are the packages like over there?