National security clearance in Abu dhabi


Folks, my company has applied for my security clearance  forms for previous 3 weeks but yet they could not received it.. when i asked they said still it is under process..
It is a semi-govt organization..

I just want to know
1. What they actually checked in security clearance..?

2.. the time frame..

1) No one knows as it's not public information.  But if it is like security clearances elsewhere in the world, then they would probably be checking politically exposed personalities, criminal records, financial malpractice, other background and whether or not, this person would be a liability or threat to public order or security in the country.  In addition, the first step is a labor clearance from Tatween council where they try and find nationals suitable for the job - this takes a long long time especially if you are not a scientist or technical staff, meaning that there are locals available on the Tatween portals which the company has to interview by law
2) No time frame.  Can be anywhere from a month to three months or maybe even more

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Thank you friend for replying ...!

Dear Folks,

My company has cancelled my contract without any reasons.As my security clearance was under process from past 4 weeks...They did not tell me any reason of rejection.
How one can solve this issue..?
is anyone can get clearance of security..?

what this all..Even you don't know the reasons of not getting security clearance....

how i can solve this issue...anybody can help me out in this regard.

1) No one and absolutely NO ONE can help get you a security clearance nor tell you the reasons of why it was rejected.  The Government doesn't share any reasons with anyone.  Also NO agent would be willing to get between you and the security department; it is too risky.  The only way is if you or your employer have VERY high level connections in the Government who can ask around for the reasons
2) If the employer cancelled the contract, that means that probably clearance was rejected.   To be clear, they withdrew the job offer - you didn't have a proper contract with them as you were not on their visa (they didn't apply because they were waiting for clearance).  They are allowed to do that, it is legal and there is nothing you can do

I would advise to move on and look elsewhere.


Can i apply my security clearance form again on behalf of my self..?

if yes,then i need a procedure & how much i have to pay for it & where..

if i get security clearance,will it be acceptable to my company which has rejected my offer letter because of security clearance disapproval..?

i need above ans....*& ll be thankful.

1) You can't apply on your behalf.  An employer has to apply
2) There is no chance to get security clearance once it has been rejected WITHOUT an employer appealing and escalating on your behalf.  And even if it is approved, the employer has already withdrawn the offer and probably will move with another candidate

As I said, give it up and focus elsewhere.

Is Security Clearance also applicable in private companies hiring process? Or government only?

It's good information... Thanks  for sharing us.