Contemplating a professor gig at NYU AD

Hi everyone! I am new here in this forum. I am married with a 9 year old boy. I am actively researching an opportunity that has come up at NYU Abu Dhabi. They are looking for a Film and New Media professor to join their faculty. I am currently a professor and the program coordinator of a film and TV production program in Canada. My family lived in Bahrain for 16 years (1984-2000) so I am somewhat familiar with the expat life. Although the actual salary and benefits package is not detailed in the posting, this is what I do know:

"In line with those offered at NYU New York, NYUAD's traditional benefits include health, life, and disability insurances, as well as retirement benefits and tuition remission.

The University's most competitive benefits are those that have been customized due to regional needs and practices in order to hire and retain the best available talent. They include housing assistance, a transportation allowance, a home-leave travel allowance, and private school tuition for employees' children, as well as annual vacation days and UAE statutory holidays.

NYUAD strives to ensure that employees and their families enjoy a comfortable work and life standard by providing a high level of employee benefits support."

Any insight would be much appreciated!


Did you end up taking the job? What was the package like? I have an offer from a university in Dubai and was wondering what kind of packages are being offered at other uni's.


I got offered a professor role at one of the big international universities there. Went through the whole document verification process and all. Ultimately I decided not to go as the salary just did not make it worthwhile.

The process was quite straightforward. One Skype panel interview was all it took for the official offer to be made in writing and then the document processing took a further few months.

I have been to Dubai many times and, if the money was reasonable, I would've taken the job.