Salaries in Khalifa University for Assistant Professor or associate

Hi All,

I am the  process of applying to KU for a faculty position any information can be useful for the above uni. Or else in terms offers, uni. and life experience as a family.

I have PhD from UK since 2009 and experience in reaching and research with good journal publications


Hallo sis... first it's not a huge university campus wise and educational wise... but of what I heard they grant good salary packages... living in Abu Dhabi is not cheap...well cheaper than London but don't expect any bottom rock prices.. rent is kind of high .. but again if u will earn a good package they will arrange accommodation for u... for the kids it's a good place to live..especially since u are of Arab roots... so in conclusion ... double check the salary with your future recruiter ... and again get in touch with people living in Abu Dhabi. ... wish u best of luck sis :)