Medical unfit

I am coming to UAE on visit visa. Medical examination is ineligible when I apply for a residency visa. Authorities say I have an old TV. Now my question is, I am currently in UAE, can I get a visit visa in this situation? And if I leave the UAE, can I enter the UAE on a visit visa?

If your eyes or fingerprints weren't taken, then yes.
They took my eye scan and fingerprint.
Then forget it.

@XTang dear, what do u think if they taked all scan but now in airport don't check eyes - possible to come by visit viza?

I already answered you.

@XTang Thank you so much

After my medical unfit, I took the treatment of a specialist doctor in a private medical here.  The doctor gave me some tests, I did these tests, and showed the reports to the doctor.  After seeing those reports, the doctor said that there are no symptoms of Old TB in my report, but you have a mild old spot in your lungs.  Cough test negative.  Blood test is negative.  The X-ray has a light spot on the left side of the chest in the lungs.

Now, can I get any benefit from showing these reports and doctor's opinion on immigration?

Immigration will not do anything.  The decision needs to be overturned by the medical center that assessed you as having old TB.  You need to take those reports along with an Arabic speaking person to the center and try your luck.

@XTang thanks bro

@Ajay Dey did u try? Whats the result.

@XTang hi, do you know anyone who was successful in overturning the unfit result ?

if yes, what exactly are the reports that help in making the case stronger?

much appreciate your help.



all the evidence that you do not and did not have tuberculosis, you can try your luck.

  1. make all analysis in government hospital GCC

a. Quantiferon test

b. Blood test

c. X ray

d. Maybe also T Scan

all this result must to be legal from government hospital!!!

and back to médical center where u had unfit, and try your luck

Less than 1% meet with success in overturning the UNFIT verdict.  This is because you have to demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that your xray abnormalities are not due to TB.   And most people, simply are unable to do so e.g. you may never have had TB (as an active disease) but may have latent TB (be a carrier - as most people are in subcontinent, phil etc., having been exposed to it at a young age), in which case, your Quantiferon will always be positive.

for example- when i get unfit - I did directly quantiferon - and it's was negotiated( in uae)

when I was back to home - I did all medical tests around 1 year( also I swallowed microscops and all tests) it's was all negative..

and by the way - doctors told me that quantiferon don't show any true result…Still I'm confuse how I can try to remove my unfit…even no scars anymore in my lungs. very confused situation with this scars …. I didn't try yet to send letter to UAE, I will try soon and will answer here

Again, I gave you an example.  Quantiferon is not conclusive - that is correct.  What I meant was that you can have a negative Quant and argue on that basis especially if your lung scars are not indicative of TB.  But with a positive, you don't have an argument.

They marked you as UNFIT because they saw something in your lungs.  Now, neither me nor anyone else here can tell you what the issue was.   If you are sure then get all your results, find someone in the UAE to go to that clinic on your behalf (a pro, lawyer or friend) and start the process for trying to get it lifted.   Will be very long and difficult process with no gaurantee of a positive outcome.

@bogus1981 all the best!

btw.. when you got negative result for quantiferon in UAE, did you not go to the DHA doctors and try to convince before leaving the UAE?

@sandiemehta2983  no I didn't try, because one person( who worked with my paper and help with all documents and viza)  lier for me . … so, I didn't have info what I need to do... I was think it's not big problem and I will back easy …He promised that I will back after 2 weeks, because need to left country and back with new viza, I left with 1 small bag , and didn't back anymore…but I will try to back soon, with dependent viza first…

I was unfit due to lungs scar's which are not related to at all and I have never had TB in the past except covid. They sent me to India and I applied visit visa after right months and visit visa got rejected due to normal security reasons. I sent my medical report with my brother to UAE and sent the report to the exact medical centre at where I got my last medical they didn't take my report rather said we do not take Indian medical report. Could you tell me in which I can lift the ban that imposed on me ?

It's not a standard process. Less than 1% of the people succeed in that. Most don't.  Get a pro or lawyer to try with them but they won't accept Indian report at all.   It would need to be attested.

@Mohammad Kousor sir you need to get a doctors health certificate as proof and show it to anyone who ask or questions about your health. The doctors note will give you peace of mind, so get one.

If i change the job like from A company to another B company.

Will I have to go through all the tests again i.e blood test & X-ray ?

Transfer within uae is only blood test. Usually they don't do Xray.

@XTang I thin X-ray is mandatory only for Chef's after every six months not for any other job for switching.

It is mandatory for some jobs. You didn't mention your profession.

@XTang Agriculture Engineer

Most probably not.  Medical may be just a blood test.


Please can you tell me for which job or designation X-ray is necessary for every visa renewal or switching job ??

@hijanokjlio all residents needs to undergo  medical fitness test, even if you are applying for a spouse visa.

if you have lung scar or you're suspected to have one like me and you are resident before there is nothing to worry.


i am ophtalmologist doctor in France ;

i want to immigrate at Arab Emirates

what are the conditions to pratice in this beautiful country ?


@mnyamndes waoo if you're ophthalmology is the good and easy for you to get your jobs in UAE and your need apply your ID this the keys and there easy to find your room... You have many French people in this beautiful country.

@Ajay Dey of course you can apply visit visa and after in UAE change

@XTang hello sir how about working in hotel in spa? I have a lung scar 5 years ago I'm working in Maldives for 5 years also and i dont have any issue with my medical, i got hired there in dubai but i was scared that i will not pass my medical please i need your advice

Have already answered many times.  Please use search.

@XTang if they ask to leave the country without finger or eye scan, after how long can I resubmit?

Anytime if no eye scan or fingerprint. If either of those then never.

@XTang do you know what will be the process in al-muhaisnah medical fitness center block 05?