Work Permit on Dependant visa with Old Tb Scar

Has anyone been granted work permit to work under husband/ wife's visa, having old tb scars?

I was deported from Dubai due to old tb scars. Tb scars dont go away, however doctors in India are sure my scars are not contagious and do not signify an active disease. My husband who resides in Dubai for over 20 years now will apply to lift the ban. Can I come to Dubai on a tourist visa / dependant visa and then apply for work permit? Has anyone been successful in obtaining a work permit ?

Did you take a sputum test and what were the results? I am also interested to hear answers to that question as I have 15 year old tb scars and plan to come on dependent visa to Dubai in a few month. Also would like to continue my career.

@alenashakina Sputum was negative. Medical said Old Tb Scar.



i am not living in uae but i have heard that you can get dependent visa with old tb scar but not sure about work visa.

@tehseen ansari yeah I'm aware about dependent visa. Trying to get clarity about work permit :(

Do you have an idea about saudi dependent visa on this case?

@tehseen ansari no idea sorry!

Saudi dependent visa is the same as the work visa i.e. dependents must clear all the tests.

Only a few countries in the GCC are relaxed about dependents.   For example, Bahrain, where dependents don't have to do a medical test at all and UAE (on TB and Hep only).

Okay..thanks for the reply..

i m currently in muscat and i dont know how my gamca got cleared even though i have scar on my lungs.

Again, as I said, it's not about scar on the lungs but whether said scar is diagnosed as old TB or not.

@XTang  I've read all the threads on the forum related to TB scars and I would like to thank you for your patience and responsiveness, strongly appreciated. As you are deep into subject maybe you can help with some further questions clarification. I'm coming to Dubai  on dependent visa having 15 yo TB scars and so much looking to the opportunity to continue my professional career. I understand I will never be granted a work permit now. So the questions I have:

  1. Have you ever heard of any cases when people tried to  object the ban to get a work permit with old TB scars on dependent visa?
  2. Can I work remotely for Dubai company?
  3. Can I start my own business?
  4. is it worth to get a lawyer advise on the subject?

That just seems so unfair that people who have completely cured and carry on with responsibility for their own health don't have the rights to live a normal life (

thank you

1) Yes.  99.9% weren't successful

2) Legally no.  They still have to give you a work permit

3) You would need an investor visa.  That also comes with a medical check

4) You can but it will be  waste of money.  The law is very clear

@XTang thank you for quick response. It looks like the only option is to work for the company abroad? That would not require a work permit if I leave in Dubai, correct?

May I also be curious on how did you become an expert in that field?

Yes work abroad for the company. However, legally, they won't treat you as an employee but a contractor. As to the other question, just lots of real life experience in these areas from employer and employee side.


My husband has got a job in Dubai and would be moving shortly. I had got TB 15 years back so Im sure would have scars.

I wanted to know

1) WIll I get a dependent visa  with old tb scars ? For dependents is there a medical test ? Just wanted to confirm as dont want to come to dubai to get banned as have kids and it would be a big move for us.

2) If yes for 1) then can I start an online business with a company that I would register in Dubai ? I teach so this would be online education and would sell ecourses. I was reading that I would need to apply for a License for this. WOuld this need medical ?

Thanks. Looking forward for you reply.


So do u get dependent visa with old TB scars ?

Were u deported because u went to apply for work permit ir dependent visa ?

there is mixed information on this so wanted to confirm before coming.

Looking forward for your reply,

Much Thanks

@XTang dear thx for help everyone! Question - any chance to remove ban in UAE - for example if investor, or open company, or buy real estate?

If have work viza in Bahrain( any scars anymore)  - possible to work in UAE (after ban in UAE) but with dependent  viza?


Hi! you will get a dependant visa with old scars. If you apply for a work visa, you will get deported as you have scars.

I had moved with a job offer and so had initially applied for a work visa.

As I have answered before, no issue on dependent visa.  Work visa is an issue.  And once ban applied, no chance to remove.

I have been claimed unfit by gamca due to old tb scar on my left lung.

My husband works in saudi arabia and due to this scar issue i cannot get my resident visa. I have no plans to work there.

Is there anything i can do about it. Please help

@Maryam Khan95 if you don't plan to work there, any problem.

I think everyone is really confused because we started discussing different countries.  So to make it very clear:

Dependent visa, TB Scar (Bahrain);  No issue as medical for dependent is not done

Dependent visa, TB Scar (UAE): No issue.  Medical is done

Dependent visa, TB Scar (Saudi): You won't get a visa as GAMCA will never pass you.  And in Saudi, there is no conversion of visit to residence visa.  Your only choice is to get a family visit visa for one year and then leave after every 90/180 days.

@XTang thx a lot for explaining clearly

@GuestPoster5623 yeah, they are not giving any visa. Even my visit visa got rejected

@XTang thank you so much for your valuable information.

@qwerty24  I am now here in Abu Dhabi. I did my medical last July 19, but of course I know I had a scar on my lungs. Seha ask me to do sputum test for 2 consecutive days. 1st sputum was normal result. But the 2nd sputum will wait 42 days to come out the result. Aug 31. Yesterday i come back to seha unfortunately the person on the room I was ask to go was not in his desk. So I come back today. Hooray! My result was Ok. I had a little chitchat to the person, he said I am fine to work. But of course I know I should not replace my husband visa into work visa, if I do that I will deported immediately. I have so many know here under husband visa is still working. I'll let you know guys! If I get a job. The certificate will come out by next week. 4 days. Today is friday. Saturday no work in the government.  My plan was to go back ko home country after I got my Emirates ID. Will look for a job in January. Will comeback in Uae in January. Best of luck. My advice is get the medical right away you enter the uae if you have scar and under dependent visa. The entry permit is valid only 60 days. Before its expire you should change status. Or else get fine.

@Ml Gaming

Hi. Medical result was unfit, due to old tb, all medical result are negative. Been here from 2013-2020 just came back this year thats why my visa isa consider as new visa application. Arabic people from block 7 advice me to get an dependent visa so I can stay here in Dubai. But i have only brother and sister here in dubai, they are both resident here with their own family. Is there any chance for my sister to sponsor my visa, as a SISTER'S VISA? Thank you.

@dynajoyce30 only parents, spouse and children.

1) As above.  Only parents, spouse and children

2) Working on dependent visa is ILLEGAL.  It does not matter if many people are doing it - that does NOT make it right.  The ones who get caught come crying on these forums........"Oh they put a fine of 50,000 AED on me and are deporting me......what do I do?".  If you are willing to bear the consequences IF caught, then by all means go ahead.

@XTang regarding on dependent visa, they can still work. they need to submit some documents to the company and the company will apply a work permit for them. that's the information I know right now from MOHRE.

I know. What I meant was on dependent visa as-is. When you apply for work permit, your medical requirements change to those. And with a lung scar, they won't give you one.

@XTang correct

@XTang I think in UAE islts legal. They are issuing NO objection Certificate. By that the company can get the labour card for to be able to have you in WPS.

@XTang I can work under my husband sponsorship, my husband will issue No Objection Certificate. Thayt the only thing they need. The hiring company can process the work permit under my husband visa because of No Objection Certificate gave by my husband. And that's isn't illegal.

That is not what I was saying.  Let me clarify:

1) You can work under your husband's sponsorship IF a work permit is issued for you

2) That means that you don't need your employer to sponsor your STAY in UAE, only the right to work. The right to work is the work permit.  Without husband NOC AND work permit being issued, you cannot work

3) The medical that is done for residency has different rules for workers and dependents.    Right now, you have residency despite medical issues due to relaxation as a dependent

4) After husband NOC, when the company applies for a work permit, different medical requirements will apply.  That may cause issues for you

I hope it is clear now?

@Ml Gaming are you a resident before holding a employment visa?

if you are a old resident and have a employment/working visa before husband sponsored you, there is a chance you can get work permit from mohre.

@Goodthings I dont have work yet. I am planning to get a job. I do have my visa now under my husband sponsorship

@Ml Gaming you can try, but i am not sure if you can get a work permit. better to call the MOHRE ask what is the requirements.

@Goodthings yeah. I will just try. If not possible then I accept. Thank you for your inputs

@Ml Gaming


While processing your dependent visa with a OLD TB scar was it a quick straight forward process or do they send u for several test and long wait before deciding?

Also getting the dependent visa is this case by case or same for all dependents with old tb scar?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.