Work visa (Accountant) in Bahrain with Hep B carrier (Inactive virus)


My employer wan to sponsor me to go to Bahrain as an accountant, I am UK citizen and hepatitis B carrier (Virus is inactive). Will I be able to obtain the work visa in Bahrain given that I will be working as an accountant.

Your help is appreciated.

No. Forget about working anywhere in the GCC with Hep B except UAE.  Inactive or active doesn't matter. Your antibody test will be positive and you will be denied Bahrain visa & deported.

My advice, stay in the UAE.

@XTang Hi sir hope you are fine sir I'm hepatitis b carrier but I'm not in 6 categories can I get a visa because I am new comer come on visit visa now I get my job they test hepatitis b

@XTang ive been there in UAE and deported me because i am hepa b reactive

@rajibdravid how are you now? Do you work in bahrain now?

The original poster hasn't been online for 11 months.

The question has been clearly answered.  You cannot work in Bahrain with Hep B AT ALL, irrespective of categories.   UAE there is a chance but ONLY if you are not in the 6 categories.

@Namanamana I'm HEPA b carrier can I work in Bahrain as a hotel cleaner or any job not related in food processing ?

@rajibdravid how are you now? Do you work in bahrain now?

Can I apply a job even I'm carrier of HEPA B?

See post #6. This question has been answered already so stop asking it again and again.

For the last time, Hepatitis B:

Bahrain - No chance.  Doesn't matter what profession or category

UAE - Outside of the 6 categories you can get a visa