ADEK pass application for teaching in Abu Dhabi

Hi all,
I accepted a job as an SEN teacher in Abu Dhabi months ago and completed the application for ADEK pass mid June. I was supposed to start my job on 22nd August and have been told by my school that my flights won't be booked until my teacher profile passes with ADEK. I heard from ADEK pass 4 weeks ago asking me to resubmit my profile but not to make any changes and have not heard anything since. I am currently out of work and moved out of my home as I expected to be in Abu Dhabi by now and am finding this all very difficult! I have been unable to get in touch with ADEK pass via phone (there is a general number for ADEK but the number they give me for pass does not work) and they have not replied to my emails and the school assures me I just need to wait. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to speed up the process?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, I am in the same position!

I was supposed to start on the 20th but this is now delayed with no date set. I and the school have tried to contact ADEK but they are just saying there is a backlog apparently. I emailed [email protected] and their last email said they would look into my application but I have not heard. Still, might be worth you giving them an email. I feel your frustration though!

Hi Leigh,

I have emailed but didn't receive a reply! It's nice to know there is a backlog as it gives some explanation.

Fingers crossed for you! Are you travelling from the UK?

Yeah supposed to be, still not heard anything though.

Have you had yours approved yet?

Did you get approval yet? I too was supposed to start as SEN teacher on 22nd August in Abu Dhabi but no adek approval as yet. I've been working in UAE for three years so very confusing.


I've finally had my approval and am due to start on 2nd January. Have you heard?

Hi there,
Were you accepted so easily or did they reject your profile once or twice? Mine has been rejected once and I had to resubmit it. They've rejected again. I'll appreciate it if you could fill me in.

Dear all,
Did anyone fill for the Adek Pass application yourself or school HR did it for you? I have been offered Inclusion Assistant and I received email talking about Adek Pass. Can someone brief me on that?

Hi there,

You have to complete the information yourself and submit to the school. The school will then submit to ADEK.

This is what happened in my case but rather check with the school ministry representative. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your kind feedback.

Please, I hope it went through after the school did it for you?

1. Please what should be written in the Primary Teaching subject? Is it the subject the school has given me to teach or what?
2. Under documents section for example Passport Copy,  what should be the description under it?

Kindly help me out

Hi ! Did you submit your application?

@lp07 yes

Did you get adek pass aproval.?


Please how did  you apply for adek approval

Hello Dear Teachers,

Did anyone had a technical issues completing  Adek Profile? I filled all what is requested and its still only 98.2% and the rest what is missing in red is simply does not exist on the page, like ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, as well as asking to add my phone number , which I did, but it still says ADD the phone 1f623.svg

This is all too confusing and frustrating. Contacted the school, they have no idea why this happening, contacted ADEK, they are saying to speak to school .... and the job suppose to start from JAN

Any advice?

Thank you

@agnesameid speak to your adek coordinator from your school. Or have you reveived your approval now?

Hi All

I have secured a job with one of the Charter Schools in Abu Dhabi. I am currently in the process of attesting my documents and I would like some confirmation please.

My degree is from the Open University and my PGCE is from Plymouth Marjon University, together with QTS.

I would like to ask if my Open University degree will be an issue for ADEK PASS, or will my application be approved with my PGCE and QTS.

Please can someone advise. I am getting mixed messages.

@RazBee Hey, I have the same case. I've also heard the same. Though the school has told that they will try to process and wait.

Does any one know that if we don't get the approval, do we get paid for the months we worked in that school?


Hey I have just started the application process. There is a lot to do. I am currently in the process of attesting my documents too. However this is taking a very long time! Do you know if the police certification check is a DBS  or do we need to have a different certificate?



Hi Juby,

From the information I have gathered, I believe I will need an equivalency certificate for my OU degree. I am currently trying to figure out what documents I need go apply for the equivalency.

Have you had a reply back from you ADEK PASS yet? What have your school said?


Hi there,

Yes I agree, the process is certainly long. I sent my documents to the FCO in UK last month and still havent got them back.

My head told me to apply for the ACRO police clearance certificate, however, another lady was adived that an enhance dbs should suffice. Best to ask you HR.

Which school are you joining?

Hey @RazBee

I am joining a Taleem charter school in Abu Dhabi.

I would have thought an enhanced DBS would be okay as it is on an update service but it does say within 3 months of issue.

I am just waiting to hear back from the HR team but things in UAE seem very slow. This waiting process isn't great.

My worry is, if we don't submit the application soon, will we be starting in August (which is my start date) for the 23/24 year if we don't get the ADEK pass on time. Apparently after submission, it can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks.


Hi Rakhi,

Ow fantastic, you are also joining a Taaleem school. I am joining Al Salam, how about you?

Yes, the process is pain stakingly slow, and HR doesnt always seem to have the answer.

That is my worry too. Also, resignation day is not far, so worried about losing my job here and not having anything secured there.

Hopefully we will get answers soon and all sorted.

I was hired by a School Abu Dhabi for August and I've been waiting for my ADEK pass link to be sent to me for  about 2 weeks now. I reached out to the person that hired me and she sent me the information of the person responsible for sending me the ADEK pass link and “cc” the person and I also sent a email individually and still no ADEK pass link sent.  1f61e.svg

@RazBee Hey

Yes me too! Al Salam is going to be my new school. Do you know what year you are going to go in?

Have you chosen the Taleem apartments too? I'm going to be staying at Lamar residence- they seem to be okay (better than what was in my head).

To be honest, I have already handed my resignation in so I am really banking on my ADEK pass to come through. Will submit everything by the end of the month- fingers crossed.

Btw your DBS has to be valid for 6 months. They don't accept it even if it is not on the update service, which mine is. Looks like ACRO police check for me.


Hey - I love your nickname on here!

Congrats on getting a job!

Do you mean you have submitted your application for the ADEK pass or are you still waiting on the link to actually get into the portal to upload and submit everything?


Thank you! I am waiting for a link from my school.


Keep on them! in the meantime I would start getting your documents attested. Look on ADEK pass youtube - it gives you all the info.


Hey, that's amazing!!

I have private messaged you my mobile number so we can chat on WhatsApp. It will be lovely to know each other before we move :)

@rakhishah  Thank you!

Hi there,

I have an interview with ADEK and I wanted to ask about the questions that might be asked during the interview. Is the process easy?

@nourhan ali when did you get the approval, how long after the submission of your documents.

Hi there,

Reading all the comments on here as some people have some specific questions regarding many different subjects regarding teaching within the UAE, if you have any questions from the following below drop me a PM happy to advise and give my experience on them.

  • Attestation in the UK, (ADEK PASS CLEARANCE), translating documents to Arabic when arriving in UAE, ACRO, cover letters and transcripts, which degrees are recognised etc and also can give info on working in the UAE. Having worked in the UAE and having a key understanding of different schools from the charter school programs, ENS and private schools, salary tips and how to negotiate.

Thank you 1f600.svg



Hi there,

ACRO Police check is what they want to see, please also note that the certificate must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the point of entry to the UAE, also original ACRO no longer required to be attested as per updated regulations from what I am hearing.


Open university degrees are distant learning qualifications, as long as they are accepted as being attested it will got through, if not then it wont go through. Find out from your employer before hand. UAE is very strict with degrees where  they look at it as per subject. for example teacher teaching English, they want to see a English related degree within government schools run by the Ministry, whereas private schools can someway bypass this rule.

PM for any help 1f600.svg


Hi there,

Thank you for replying to my post.

My Open University degree subject is Primary Education studies and I have secured a job as a homeroom Primary teacher in a Charter School. I also have a PGCE in Primary Education. Both my certificates have been fully attested. I am currently waiting for my ACRO and then will submit my application and hope for the best 1f91e.svg



That should be enough as you also have a PGCE in primary education. hopefully everything will go, double check if the ACRO needs attesting the last time I heard It may not need to. But double check rules always change by the hour.


@GuestPoster5236 How can I pm you?