CID / security clearance for Abu Dhabi

Hello - has anyone been through the CID / security clearance process for Abu Dhabi? Just wondering if anyone can provide an indication as to how Long it's been taking in the recent months. Thank you

I am experiencing the same issue, no one will be able to give you a clear indication since it depends on many things. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now!

Varies for person to person but generally anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and in some cases, even more!!

Thank you so much

I'm facing same problem. is certificate attestation is mandatory.
will they try to resubmit again if its not cleared

My understanding is they have stopped the clearance temporarily. They didn't say how long but I guess it was getting backlogged.

I have been shortlisted in an interview. Hr said we need your certificates and other documents for security clearance. so whats you thought about it

Submit to them the documents, this usually takes time for each nationality and other security reasons.

Is this true? so there's a chance that it will take too long?

So they won't give any clearances now? My employer submitted my application for clearance 5 weeks ago and we still didn't hear back from them. Is there any hope?

I have got my clearance. its in process of internal approval

Congratulations! How long did it take you?

5 working days they said. How ever I got it in 2 weeks

If it's taking too long (almost 2 months) does that indicate it will be rejected? There's no reason for me to be rejected but I'm getting real anxious.

Do you have any idea how long it takes for an Egyptian national? We've been living in Kuwait for more than 12 years. Does that make a difference?

I dont know much about it

anyone has an idea on the current status? Its been 6 weeks for me now (EU national)

fyi, it took me almost 7 weeks! I just got my clearance

Hi Greanjeans18,
Glad to know you have received your clearance.
Have you submitted other documents apart from EID and passport copy?
Any form you filled out?
Just wondering bcoz I am waiting for my result too.

Dear ,

even I am facing the same issue after lots of waiting now company was informed me you are rejected in security clearance, i am not understanding should I contact to reply and the company was not disclosing the details why I am I rejected.

Kindly reply me .

May i know how we can check if it was rejected ? and what will be the next step .

The company has told you that you were rejected.  And no, you cannot know the reason why it was rejected as CID doesn't tell anyone the reason.  Your only option is to find a job in another company.

Hi there,
You may try to contact the HR who initiated the request.

Generally the check is done by third party. and all the records need to clear and match with the submitted documents. Only person how can give more info on these cases is the HR who processed the request.

Hello there

I have been waiting for CID clearance from last two weeks, can anyone help out here how long it will take for Indian passport

Thank You

There is no standard.  It can vary anywhere from 2 weeks and upto or even more than 2 months.

XTang :

There is no standard.  It can vary anywhere from 2 weeks and upto or even more than 2 months.

CID & Security clearance.
Are they the same ?
Then what is Police Clearance Certificate which we get online ?

Separate things.

It is not same

Sir i was working from 4 years in UAE then i got offer from ADDC so i left the job and came back to INDIA but that joining was hold unfortunately. Later i got offer from emirates steel but my security clearance got rejected .I didn't do any fraud nor any crime but my security clearance is rejected. I even have police clearance certificate . Is there any process that they can reconsider my security clearance. Please help me sir.

No there is no process that you can do. Only your employer can follow up.

Hi i got a job offer in a semi government and they said that they are awaiting the CID report how long does it take? And what do they check! Thank you

Already gave the timelines above - read.   And no one knows what they check.

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