Apply Driving License in Abu-Dhabi Golden Chance

Driving License in Abu-Dhabi by golden chance

Hello, all my name Elan and I am from India Tamil Nadu, I am going to share my experience that how I took a manual light vehicles driving license in Abu-Dhabi on my first try itself. I know very well all expats having more doubts before applying for Driving License. let me explain clear step by step procedure.

What is a golden chance and who is eligible?
Those who are already having a driving license in their home country which people are eligible to apply for driving license by golden chance. For the golden chance, they give only direct road test for only one chance. golden chance does not contain any parking test, area test, bridge test like no other kinds of stuff. remember that if you failed in the first test you need to starts from the initial so more careful on First Try.

Document Required
1. Arabic No Objection Certificate from HR
2. Arabic Translated home Driving license from Typing centers
3. Clear Passport Copy
4. Clear Visa Copy
5. Emirates ID
6. Your Company Commercial License

(Those who are having Dubai visa and working in Abu-Dhabi need to submit both Dubai and Abu-Dhabi branch Commercial License after documents verifications they give one printed file opening application copy to you on that application you need to get signature from HR and you need to submit again and then they give appointment date to open the file.)

Visit Emirates driving company in mussafah to open a driving file and First, you need to test eye with the cost of Dhs.100 after eye test goes to the recipient to get your token for documents verifications. after documents verification, you need to open the file through AD Police application so you need to carry credit or debit card to pay Dhs.200 for file opening.

After successful file opening, you need to visit next building to book your Theory classes it takes Dh 871 and you need attend Mandatory eight hours theory class it takes four days or less as by your opinion. on the last date of theory classes, you need to book your theory test. A test will be conducted by Computer and oral. for this, my opinion is computer test was easy.

After passing theory test opens AD Police app(available in Playstore & App Store) and there was an option issue try date. for that, you need to pay Dhs.115 and they will send trainer card to given address. for the direct road test(Golden Chance) no mandatory practical training class but you should take at least 10 training class before try.

on your Try date, you need to visit the same building where you open your file and give you trainer card in reception and they give a token for your bus for that you need to pay Dhs.40 after that they pick you through a bus to the road for your try. the Try test contains only two minutes (if you take training before Try test you know that what you want to do in your try test)  after your try chance, they inform your result through SMS to your register mobile number.

if your result is Pass you need to open AD Police App and there was an option issue driving license for that you need to pay Dhs.315 within 4 days they send your license through mpost.

Total Fess
Eye Test Dhs:100
File Open Dhs:200
Theory Class Dhs:871
Try Date booking Dhs:115
For Bus Dhs:40
Issue Driving License Dhs:315
Total Dhs:1601

I wish you a Good Luck and may God Bless You Thank you.

Hi. I want to know how old should be your indian driving licence to be eligible for the golden chance?

I think there is no restriction regarding the year of experience if u had one year of of experience u can apply for the golden this is what my instructors said to me but i had 5 yrs of experience when i applied the golden and i got the license in first try.

Document Required for Golden Chance or Normal Chance those who having Engineering Visa:

1. Arabic Translated home Driving license from Typing centers
2. Your Country Original License
3.Clear Passport Copy
4. Clear Visa Copy
5. Emirates ID
6. Copy of Visa Stamp Page on the Passport
7.BATAKA Residence Copy

Note:1.For the normal file no need to submit ur Native license and typing.
           2.No requirement of NOC from ur company and Company Commercial License copy.
            3.Native Country License Experience: 1Year Min(IF u wish to Calrify with EDI-Abudhabi call center).

Total Fees for Normal:

Eye Test Dhs:100
File Open Dhs:200
Theory Class and Exam FeesDhs:871
Try Date booking and Learner Permit Charges Dhs:150
Typing of Ready for Road Test Certificate:50
For Bus Dhs:40
Issue Driving License and Typing Dhs:335
Total Dhs:1706

Note: Happy to say only in Abudhabi the Golden Chance is available.There is no more another try in Golden Chance,Only one chance is there.If U fail in the golden chance u have to Re-open the file.They consider ur theory pass need not to go another theory test.

For Other Category Visa's go for golden chance or Normal Chances:

1. Arabic No Objection Certificate from HR
2. Arabic Translated home Driving license from Typing centers
3. Clear Passport Copy
4. Clear Visa Copy
5. Emirates ID
6. Your Company Commercial License
7.Original Driving License
8.BATAKA - Residence Copy.
9.Visa Stamping in the Passport Copy also.

Total Fees for Normal:

Eye Test Dhs:100
File Open Dhs:200
Theory Class Dhs:871
Inner Class fees test charge:2700(appox)
Try Date booking and Learner Permit Charges Dhs:150
Typing of Ready for Road Test Certificate:50
For Bus Dhs:40
Issue Driving License and Typing Dhs:335
Total Dhs:4446

Note: u have to pay 300 aed for the next try,If u fail in the Final Road Test.Like that theory test also u have pay,if u fail.In the theory out of 45 min 36 will be pass.

I wish you a Good Luck and may God Bless You Thank you.

Hi bro! Congrats and Thanks!
I am in Quality Controller Visa.
Do I need to submit NOC from my employer for applying the license through golden chance.
Thanks in advance.

Hai I am Selva  from Abudhabi. Tomorrow  I have theory test for driving license.If anyone attended test recently. can you share your experience.How was the test?

what is the timing for file opening in EDC

Dear brother,
i appreciate your guidance. You have written step by step. I had followed all the steps. now i issued my try date and trainer card . i had applied on 22-10-2018 (8 days before). while applying i had given correct address for trainer card delivery. but still i did not received my trainer card. only in AD police app my trainer card is showing. So how many days it took for you to receive trainer card through post. i have my road test on 7-11-2018 that means only 8 days left. Do i get before my test? if i not received that through post ,can i show my trainer card through my mobile app on road test date for issuing the bus token? they will allow for road test?

Timing is from 9:00 am to 1:00 PM.

Dear brother @mdalameen2 ,
I also faced the same problem of delay in receiving my trainer card.
Please contact this no.  800 5000 and register a complaint.
After that, you will receive it within 4 days.


hello! i recently went to open file to edc, having a dubai visa i followed your instructions and as my experience when i went to the verification he just said not allowed because dubai visa and he never talked to me again even after insisting i have all the required documents. what i did was i go straight to the counter and asked the person incharge. luckily he checked my documents and gave me the document to be filled up by my P.R.O. My question is, will that be enough for them and accept my application after i submit that document or i will still have to verify it again with the guy who just refused because im dubai visa?

Hi. The Abu Dhabi golden chance is closed..! Are still can i apply. Please answer me it's urgent..take care.

Is there any file opening centers other than musaffah in abu dhabi?

The police man not allowing to apply because of my profession in visa...!

Hello I need a help. I have opened my file in Abu Dhabi and cleared the theory exam. The thing is now I am in Sharjah can I do practical driving class here before golden chance. Please advice

Hello brother. I am from Tamil Nadu can u give your contact details

Thank you for your valuable information.

What if my company only has trade license in Dubai but I am working in Abu Dhabi because we have projects here. Is it possible to apply for driving license in Abu Dhabi if I provide NOC from company that I am working here in Abu Dhabi?

@buay582013 :Dear Friend, the requirement is min 3 Years.

@buay582013 Yes, its sufficient you can apply with NOC and your company's presence in Abu Dhabi.

Very Nice, good detail

1.The License that I hold now from my country was obtained in 2016 and am so geared to go for the golden chance am I eligible?
2.Can the golden chance be offered for Automatic?


brother did you completed your test

if no please feel free to contact


I just passed the theory exam today, 24th Jan 2019. I am for a Golden Chance road test, but they gave me a try date on 18 March 2019. Is it possible to make this earlier? If so, how?


Yes it’s possible.
You can log on to UAE ministry of interior application and re schedule it. It can be within 2 days.
I think you pay extra 100 or 150 AED
But it’s doable yes.
Good luck.
But as advice. Before you go the test. Get 3-4 lessons to drive in AUH. No Matter how lucky NPG or good you drive. But trust me this will help a lot not to lose ur chance.

Even i am facing same problem. Did you recieve any solution, pl share if u have any

Hi folks! thank you for the nice guidance.
But still have one question, if I have passed theory, but unfortunately now cannot go for the road test, will be outside UAE for about 5 months. Is there any issues for practical test, can I postpone it for such long period of time? I have not book any try date yet.. Hope for your good suggestions. Thank you.

I have Accountant Visa and Pakistan Driving License
I have Question:
Do I need NOC
how to Apply if Pakistani Driving License


You can apply for driving license on Accountant visa

Documents required

Letter from company with company stamp and signatory sign (Mentioning your name UID number and passport number and designation stating that you working with the company and company have no objection if he opens file for getting driving license ( license name and type must be mentioned)

Passport copy

Visa copy

Emirates id copy

Your Pakistani driving license attested from foreign affairs in pakistan. ( The lisence details will be mentioned on a paper and they will attest that)

Translation of that attested license here in Abu dhabi by legal translation centers

And go to Abu dhbai driving school in Abu Dhabi to open the file

Hi all...

I am Mubarak.
I would like to know more about golden chance for driving license in abudhabi.
I have sharjah visa. Visa profession is engineer. my Indian driving license is 6 years old.
my company have branches in dubai & abudhabi. but i am working in head office sharjah only.
mu question is: can i apply for golden chance in abudhabi without NOC?
I would like to utilize golden chance, for that shall i take leave from my work & travel to abudhabi with my relative on test & training days? is it ok?
what are all the documents required if i have sharjah visa without NOC....

Please advice.

No. You can not.

Unless your employer have a branch here in Abu Dhabi .

You can also not open file without NOC.

As you are sponsored here by employer. You need your employer to be involved in almost every matter

My Indian license was issued only in 2017 but I opened my file last week (07.03.2019) for golden chance. Hence I do not think there is a minimum period.

Very well explained.. 
thanks for taking the time 😊

can you give me your number

Good afternoon friends I have a clarification that after policeman given me a form to get sign from HR. The same form I can get the sign or need to type in Arabic.

Friend I have a little doubt that I am also Dubai visa. I went to the driving school. As you said, the police officer told me get sign from HR or same form I need to get the sign or need to translate to arabic. Please let me know. My mobile number ***

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which profession , ur?
plz...reply fast.......bcoz, iam thinking to golden chance .
i have indian license and iam living in ajman.........

hi all,
i have indian license, my visa is dubai visa, iam working in ajman,  my proffession is messanger ,

we have lot of branches is in abhu dhabi.
how can apply for  (golden chance ) driving license.........
plz, reply............

Hello, I just want to ask if I can apply in Al Ain for driving license if I have dubai visa. We have projects here in Al Ain and I am living here as well. But our company don’t have trade license here in abu dhabi only in dubai. Please advise me. Thank you.

Hi all
I have got my NOC from my company which signed on February 17 2019. Can i use it now to open the file?

When you book on the app to issue the try date for the golden chance. Do you get an option of choosing the date or it’s given automatically to you?

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