I have small scars in my lungs xray positive TST and negative sputom.

Assallamo allaicom Hi evry one I am shie I am now here in uae and I got the first result of my medical before in my previous company I have a small scars in my x-ray positive tb skin test but negative sputom test...

Then the labor approved my mdcal it says that I'm still fit and able to work I just need to have a follow up checkup with in 3 months. But unfortunately my company got a personal problem until they sold it by other management after that they decided to ask me another mdcal but suddenly the mdcal center stamp my card a BLOOD! I go to my previous result I said before it was ok I just need to take a new test like before skin test and sputom test... But suddenly this new management decided to cancelled me with out gving me another chance.so my papers didn't follow up ( Sorry I can't tell the whole story coz it will takes time for this)

Then now I have new sponsour again I need to do new mdcal test again this is like a nightmare... Do u think I can passed again ?
I am worried that for this third time the mdcal center won't allow me to have a new test instead they will stamp a Blood again in my mdcal card with out any new test like before and will I get a visa?( skin test and sputom test. )
Please advice me I want your opinions shukran and wassallam!!!

Its hard to say.

If you have lung scars and are coming from countries screened by GAMCA for pre-arrival, it's next to impossible to pass the GAMCA medical.

If you are already in the UAE and the scars are discovered in the local immigration medical; they usually make you do the skin and the sputum test. You mentioned you had a positive skin test?  which means that the in-duration responded to the injection in your skin?  I am surprised they allowed you to stay and do follow up tests.   I have heard of people being deported despite being negative in both (it seems that scars are enough to convict them). 

It's really hard to predict.  It depends on your employers on how much follow up they do with immigration on your behalf and what the mood is in immigration that day.  Sorry, I can't be more specific as there is no set answer.  Like I said, out of a 100 cases like this, I would assume that 95 are deported....but then again, there are those other 5....

Hmmm this is quite strange because months Ago I did my medical test and a scar via the x-ray, was found on my chest and this gave about an apprehensive continual for sputum test which came out negative,I cudnt explain to them that d scar might have been out of an accident but I was damn scarred only to be told I needed a recheck 3mths later but gave out a fetching reason for my passport to b stamped.I did the medical test again and still negative,just to clear every report still standing on my medical report shud I need to change job...If there was no back way means to getting visa the first tym,u shud pass it again and again, Be confident and tell Allah abt it,and go for the test. I wish you well and hope you get to share again with us your cheerful outcome. All the Best.

Hi there. Generally, are all MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES strict  when it comes to Lung scaring? I had undergone 6 mons medication and I'm  clear and considered treated now as stipulated at my medical certificate. Am I legible to work at  Abu Dhabi? 

LASTLY Im a HAAD passer and what other countries am I qualified  to work if not at abu dhabi? Thanks guys!