Where is the best hospital to check STD(STI) confidentially in Dubai?

I just want to test STD to make sure everything is okay before the medical test for visa renewal.
I am not in the 6 category worker. (Electrical engineer)

I just want to know what will happen if something goes wrong.

1. HIV : deportation and ban (I am aware of this)

2. Syphilis : it's not deportable disease but don`t know what MOH will do to me. Am I going to have a treatment..? OR.. Quarantine until fully recover..?

3. Other disease like herpes and HPV.. gorrehea..
How will the doctors mange patients who have those disease??

Please someone share witb me if you have gone through this before or you already known..
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Hope you will get some feeedback soon Jay!
We have had discussions on this many times.

Use search - some members have posted references of clinics.