hepatitis B on Adnoc

i'm positive Hep B, i'm waiting medical test on ADNOC. can i pass this medical test? will ADNOC employ person who positive Hep B?
please any one give me advice

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thank you david for your suggest.
But, i have an information,in 2010 the rule have been change that only 6 categories job must do screening test hep B.
this situation make me confuse.
please,can anyone help me


Hi, i m kamal rasool, last week a company in sharjah hired me and sent me visa letter of CNC turning Supervisor related to my work Exp. But i m very much confused about my medical test, dear my eliza test for hepa b is positive but my pcr test for hepa b is negative, it means my hepa b virus is non-reactive. and my visa category is also not lying under the six mentioned categories for hepa b for new visa. Shall i under go the test of Hepa b or not. in that case if they find my eliza positive then what would they do. but in fact my PCR is negative. I request to all of you plz help me that what i have to do before and after entering the UAE. and Plz let me know that new rule for hepa b and c is 100% applicable or not. Thanks!

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