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i'm new here so i kind of need the help of everybody to help me enlighten these things i have in mind. I am n HIV positive and i'm planning to work in uae. Right now I am still here in my country and is planning to get a tourist visa then hopefully apply for job when i get there. but im really disturbed with my case can anyone guide me and tell me the chances of possible employment or worst i might just get deported back. please help.


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You won't have much luck getting a residence visa for the UAE - the medical involves tests for HIV / TB / HBV and anyone who fails is declined a visa. For a tourist visa, no medical tests are required.

hey thanks though what you said is to my dismay. is there any chance i could skip the test? like letting someone take the test or swapping? like is it really mandatory for all types of industry when you're getting an employment?

Do you seriously expect anyone to condone your proposed actions?

The UAE authorities don't mess around when it comes to people who try and buck the system. At best you'd be deported on the next flight home and at worst you'd spent time in jail before being deported.


UAE will not force a HIV test for tourist visa for Philipine citizens but there are some nationalities where also a HIV test may be done for tourist visa.

There is no chance what so ever to avoid a HIV test. And there is no chanse at all to have a future in UAE if you are HIV positive.
As soon as they would find out you would be on the plane back home within 36 hours.

Are you guys are joking???? You do not have a chance to visit Dubai anymore because you are already diagnosed of HIV! Don't you get it.

HIV positive is a situation to be looked at with compassion, and not get annoyed or upset.  The person is obviously having a situation to face - hopefully they will find drugs soon to cure this problem.  It is not fair, but unfortunately some countries (e.g. UAE) seem to think persons with HIV positive (or some other conditions too) should not be working here.  It is a local labour law condition, not much anyone can do at present.  Things may change in future, who knows, if Dubai gets Expo 2020 awarded, for instance.

UAE is very strict on HIV positive
they will treat you like a criminal
jail and deported..

Sir if someone is found out to be positive? They will jail the person? As in like that?

Ikukulong talaga bago ma deport sir?

You will be deported

ArdenValdez26 wrote:

Ikukulong talaga bago ma deport sir?

English only, please.

mjrv wrote:

HIV positive is a situation to be looked at with compassion, and not get annoyed or upset.  .

The anger was aimed their way because posters asked for ways to break the law, not because of their medical situation.
Any posts asking for or suggesting illegal activities are normally removed, but these were missed at the time for some reason.
The posts will be examined now, so might well be removed.

Hello Ms.
what's about hepatitis b positive is it valid or not?