HIV + diagnosis

Hi! May I ask help for anyone knows or have same situation with me?

I was diagnosed with infection of HIV when I came for a medical. Right now my PRO said we will cancel the VISA and go to Sharjah Medical Center for cancellation of medical too.

Am I going to be detained or quarantined before I can go back to my country or what are the process that I can expect, or can someone enlighten me.of what will happen to those who experience the same situation? My home country is the PHILIPPINES so I need anyone's help and thank you.

The owner of my company I'm working said that they want me to go home asap after the process of visa cancelation, they did not give my passport to the DHA just to make sure I can go home what does that mean?

I want to go home because I'm scared of everything now. Please enlighten me guys.

I already answered you in private message but for everyone's benefit:

That means that they will deport you.   They won't detain you and you can leave on your own (but sometimes they do.......for diseases like HIV IF the sponsor says that they can't be responsible for you).  But if you go, cancel visa and then go to the medical WILL be eye scanned and will forever be banned from the UAE..........even on visit visa.   The ONLY time the employee is asked to accompany to immigration and medical center (both) is to formalize deportation proceedings.

And your company is playing with you.  You DON'T need to give the passport to DHA EVER.  They are just trying to comfort you by telling lies so that you can be deported smoothly and the headache is off their heads.  If you were smart.............and read my answers over the last few weeks to would have taken your passport and just left.   But instead, every other day, you post a variation of the same issue on the forums and I don't know why.  You won't get a different answer.

So for the last time, stop wasting time.  If you don't want to be banned from the UAE (even on a visit visa or risk detention while being deported). just take your passport and leave.  The more you delay, the more chances are that you won't be allowed to leave without going through the deportation proceedings.   I advise people to leave the minute they know they are positive for HIV.  Don't even wait for a confirmatory test by the Government.  Just go.

I understand, its my first time so I don't know what to do and sorry for asking questions.

I will ask my PRO to get my passport and just booked a flight and leave if they let me. If not, I would go for the proper procedure and all of that.

You can ask questions.  That is not the issue.  The issue is, don't spend too much time asking questions when the only thing you don't have much off, is time.

Try and leave because from what you said, your company is not supporting you and is practically lying.  I wouldn't be suprised if they hand over responsibility to DHA at deportation time............which can lead to detention.

@XTang Okay, I understand. My PRO said to me that I need to sign papers and all after he will escort me to the airport. No detention he said. So I am now afraid of the detention 😔

Well if there is no detention then that's good.  There are two options given to sponsor in case of HIV specifically i.e. you either deport the employee on your own responsiblity or hand them over to us.  So if your company is going to take you straight from the center then that is good. 

Okay, my PRO said he will escort me after we go to the medical center for the eye scanning and visa cancelation. So I hope I can trust his words. I don't have any intention to stay I just don't like being detained and wait. I want to go asap that's all.

I understand.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.

@XTang Thank you. I will update you guys for sure. Thank you for all the answers and opinions. Pray for me for a smooth and peace flight back to my country. 🙏

Hi! So here's an update we went to Sharjah Public Health Office to get a certificate for the said diagnosis and to cancel my VISA but my PRO said that they want me to go to medical again for chest X-ray and Blood after that we have to wait again for the results maybe tomorrow.

I asked why, the PRO said that they don't have a data recorded for the first medical results with a confirmatory test so this is so confusing to me why there was something like they don't have data on the results so now I went home and wait for that results again.

Any ideai of what's going on with the sa.e situation like me? Thank you for your answers.

I am scared and afraid now I don't know what to do. I want to book a flight and just leave instead but my working Visa is not cancelled yet so I still can't go I think.

Please help what to do

Just wait.  Seems that there was no confirmatory test in the system.

@XTang are they going to visit our flat and retest my roommates if found same results? I don't want to cause more problems with my roommates here in the flat.

I want to go home safe and sound 😔


Dear l just want to encourage you, and remind you that sickness is sickness, it doesn't matter the name. I know it's not easy, and l feel for you, but take courage, this is not the end. Once you are home you will be just fine, and remember, there's no place like home. Just keep your trust and hope in the Highest One. I wish you well.

@irene88 thank you, i just don't like to be detained and wait in a facility it causes me more trauma, if I can leave immediately I would really love to so I can go back to my country, yesterday my visa cann8be cancel yet since it shows no medical records found which is I don't know why and it sounds so strange to me, I went for another medical check uo doing all the test again and now waiting for the results again. I just want to go home asap but there process is taking so long 🥺 I don't want to be detained or quarantined while waiting for deportation.

Nope.  They don't do that except in the case of TB.

@XTang thank you for thid reply. Now an update is that our PRO said that we need to go back for snother confirmatory test and if it still the same theb that's the time they will cancel my visa and leave the country.

I hope they will not detain me and wait for how many days, all I want is to cancel my visa and leave asap. But they will not cancel cause I need to go another medical again.

My friend say it takes 3 medical results to have the visa cancel for an unfit to work with same diagnosis.

Wha we did yesterday is a 2nd medical in another health care facility. So Maybe Tomorrow, Sunday or Monday I'll be back for a confirmatory test again. Wait and same routine I guess.

Is this realyy the process for a visa cancellation?

If I'm HIV positive they have to deport me immediately right? Now it keeps dping the same routine so please pray for me and I hope I will not be quarantined.

They can't deport you without a confirmatory test.  It could be that the confirmatory tests done earlier are not conclusive.

@XTang same feeling, its just strange to me that they don't have the record of the first medical with confirmatory test. So I will update you in thr upcoming days for this situation I have.

Thank you for everything.

I have a question. If someone comes on Visit Visa to UAE and perform medical test and found having HIV what will happen ?

Hi! You will undergo a series of confirmatory tests and once the same results you will be deported and you will have a maximum of 5 days to prepare and leave the country.

@RA30 make a smart move, see your doctor first, once you are cleared then plan when you want to travel and skip the hassle of questioning at the airport or any place, like they will treat you like a criminal or a terrorist,  etcetera, you understand what im saying, be a smart traveler.

I went for medical test yesterday around 6pm , I have not left my email neither did I leave my phone number so is the medical fitness centre going to sent results on employer s email , and also when I checked it shows that my certificate is not ready what could be the problem since theiz now 24 hours , I did test in dubai

I have answered all of this hundreds of times.  Next time use search.

They don't need your email or contact details.  The result is uploaded directly in the system and the employer gets notification.  The result is simply FIT or UNFIT. 

And just wait.