Help needed medical unfit due to lung scar


Is there anyone who can help me with an advice? I got medical unfit report due to scars in the lungs, they consider is old tb even if the results were negative. I heard gold quantiferon test can be an option. Did anyone knows what is needed to be done? Where to go and what to do with this clearing test?
Many thanks

I actually posted about the Quantiferon Gold test around a year back.  That is an option IF the scars in your lungs are not due to Old TB.  It can be done in any lab within Dubai if you are there and then you can go to the medical fitness center for another test with that report - to try to convince them that the scars are not due to TB.  There is no process and they may choose not to listen.

If your scars ARE due to old TB, then the test may turn out to be positive in which case it wont be of much help.

Hi, i am also facing the same issue. i had this pneumonia during 2008 and then i came here in dubai atlast with a job. this was my hope and all got shattered in a moment. the doctors at the Ministry dont have a clue about how much their "half knowledge" affects us.
i had the old records of my treatment and tried to talk to Dr. Hasan who is the final decision maker in the committee at Al-Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre, (my report stated that i had old tb), i showed him the treatment that i had recieved and even asked him if he agrees then i can go through the TB Gold test. but NO this guy was adement and said pneumonia does not leave a scar, how can one even convince a Dr who does not know what are the causes for a scar. he fully stated that if i want a medical fitness i should bring him a clear x-ray. which is not possible. he even said that the he does not consider the TB Gold test results.

my company has been supporting me all this long. now at last they are going in for the deportation formalities. There have been many such cases and many petitions have been sent to the WHO, ILO etc even this topic has been discussed with the health ministry at Dubai since 2 yrs, but they have not yet made a decision. Because of this people who come with hopes to start a good life a geting screwed up.

@Ancastefan can u tell me the duration of this ban ?? well i read from many forums that its lifetime. but wanted to make sure. :<

I have the same case right now. I got a job in Dubai for a telecommunication company. I went through the medical exam here in Ph. However, it turned out a nightmare. I never had any serious disease before. I just had cough because of the weather these past few weekswhen i had my xray exam. Then the result states i have scar in my lungs. I'm really wondering what should i do? I'd still want to go abroad to work.  The radiologist said there's no cure for the scar and it will stay there foreverand country like UAE will not allow foreign worker with scar even if it's not viral. Is it true?

Sorry for my asking but what do you mean by "a lung scar"?Does it indicate a disease?Is it from heavy smoking?How come it wasn't  detected on the other x-rays?I hope it isn't anything serious but if it is contagious it makes sense that you can't work in a foreign country or if you need treatment it would be unfair for the host country to untertake the cost  for something that had happened to you before going to work there
Sorry again but I try to rationalise the facts

Whenever a person is effected by TB the diseases leaves back a scar in the lungs though the diseases is cured and it does not effect others,but the scar becomes permanent, this is called as lung scar,